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What Is USSD? | USSD Codes Role In Businesses

What is USSD?

USSD Abbreviation for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. In Persian, it is usually known as "command code".

A simple answer to the question "What is USSD?" That is: Familiar codes that are between * and # and are thus cleared from telephone numbers. Many people have used it many times for various governmental and non-governmental services, buying recharges and internet packages, and so on.

What is USSD  Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a GSM network or mobile messaging service. USSD codes are the * # codes we commonly use to purchase recharge, the Internet, and.. The use of USSD codes in the provision of services in the daily lives of all human beings is easily visible.

These codes interact with Irancell, Hamrah Aval, RighTel, Azartel, and operators, and the data sent to the server No storage, Is answered and the response speed in this method is high. Continue to review USSD code technology and Use USSD codes We will pay for services.

USSD Is a REAL-TIME Connection

When it comes to the management platform USSD Many issues may be on people's minds, but the point is that first of all, we must be fully acquainted with this platform. USSD It is called a mechanism that provides a good platform for data transmission in the GSM network. USSD provides you with a REAL-TIME connection on the network. Given the fact that the basis USSD Based on a business meeting, many people believe that this platform helps to keep the waiting time for response to a minimum.

You can use 182 characters to send messages on this platform and use the software available in the mobile and operator network for effective communication. Your messages will be sent digitally by pressing the * and # keys, allowing you to easily send or receive information to the network. However, if you are still one of the applicants to use this platform, we recommend that you stay with us because we intend to provide you with explanations in this regard.

It can be said that What is USSD  One of the ways to send messages is used in the mobile phone system or GSM and has been able to have many uses. This is a way to interact with operators such as RighTel, Irancell, and Hamrah Aval and respond to the sent data without being recorded and stored on the server. In other words, after the user's request is received via the mobile phone, a section is created in the server for review.

How does USSD work?

اکنون که می دانید USSD چیست؟ و ساختار و ماهیت این کدها چگونه است، خوب است که در خصوص کارآیی آن ها نیز اطلاعاتی را کسب نمایید. در حالت کلی می تواند عملکرد کد USSD Divided into two categories.

A - Mobile management practices - Security support in GSM 2.94

B - Network management practices - Security support in GSM 3.9

Explain that these codes do not have a fully secure structure and use GSM network security standards.

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USSD و تکنولوژی

USSD and Technology Advances

as you know, USSD Which is called "Unstructured Code" in Persian words is taken from the word Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

Indeed USSD It is a method of sending messages in a GSM network that can be added to all networks as a value-added service at no cost.

However, today, due to advances in science and technology, it is possible to send and receive this model of messages on all smartphones. These grammar codes are used today to perform various tasks.

One of the most common uses of these codes is electronic payment services. It will surely be interesting for you to know that many banks are looking for technology to provide better services and reduce costs and, of course, to compete in the competitive market. USSD Gone

However, there are other technologies in this regard. However, the facts. USSD So much so that you will be surprised again.

In fact, the advent of projects that offer cashless and electronic payment solutions, has forced mobile network operators to introduce new technologies such as SMS, for a variety of reasons, such as providing popular telecommunications services and even expanding their brand. USSD, IVR، WAP and… go. And among these SMS and USSD Most popular.

عامل شناسایی پیام های کد دستوری USSD چیست؟

When a user sends a message to the telephone company network, it is assigned to the computer USSD The message is received and after a while, the computer response is sent to the user's phone, the messages sent via USSD It is not defined by any institution, so any mobile operator can use any command code that is more convenient for its customers.

How the USSD Works

USSD Sometimes used in conjunction with text messages. The user requested through USSD Sends to the network and the network responds by confirming the receipt with the following message:

"Thank you. Your message is being processed. A message will be sent to your mobile phone soon. ”

Subsequently, the person receives one or more text messages with signs of success of their request via the mobile phone.

ussd ( USSD ) What Does It Actually Do?

All connections USSD They more or less start with a certain method. To a service provider USSD You send. The grammar code is a combination of numbers and special characters. Your mobile operator uses this code to direct you to the correct service.

When you contact the service, you are notified of information, data, updates, or suggested applications USSD You have access.

USSD It also has many applications in the world of banking. Send message via USSD Much faster than a mobile banking app or ATM.

فناوری کدهای USSD چیست؟

USSD code technology is based on sending a user request and receiving a response and is sometimes done unilaterally without sending a user request. USSD technology uses online processing to ensure the security of this system. In these codes, information is exchanged as a code and with complex algorithms. USSD is a session-based messaging technology that has a session duration of 20 seconds. Disables the code if it does not receive a response from the user. USSD code modules include the following:

Mobile Station, Base Station subsystem, Base Transceiver Station, Base Transceiver Station, Base Station Controller , Home Location Register, Visitor Location Register, Authentication Center

What Happens When a User Dials the Provided USSD Code?

  • The request is sent to the mobile service provider.
  • The provider directs the request through a gateway to the host device.
  • The program processes the requests it receives and sends feedback.
  • Feedback is processed by the provider and sent to the mobile phone.

The Magic Behind USSD Codes

برای برنامه نویسی کدهای USSD موارد کلیدی وجود دارد که از جمله آن اشنایی با برنامه نویسی، عبارات شرطی، عبارات سوئیچ وغیره می باشد. یکی از مواردی که شما باید دقت کنید این است که کدهای USSD به زبان های مختلفی صحبت می کنند یعنی رشته ها را با اسم های مختلفی ارسال می کند. برای این آموزش قصد داریم موارد زیر را به عنوان پارامترهای درخواست نمونه خود تطبیق دهیم.

All responses (data entered by the user via mobile phone) are separated by * and each response entered by the user results in an existing string. So for php you have to have the Explode () function.

How to Program USSD Codes

A very important point to know in USSD is the use of the keywords CON and End.

The CON keyword is used when referring to a persistent request. For example, when you expect a user to enter a response.

END برای خاتمه جلسه USSD استفاده می شود. هنگامی که این مورد را در ابتدای متن خود اضافه می کنید ، به ارائه دهنده می گویید که جلسه پایان یافته است و به این ترتیب به کاربر پس از آن یک صندوق ورودی داده نمی شود بلکه یک «خروجی» یا «خروج» داده خواهد شد.

Below is an example of PHP code There is:


#We obtain the data which is contained in the post url on our server.




#we explode the text using the separator ‘*’ which will give us an array.


$level = explode(“*”, $text);

//check to see of the text variable has data to avoid errors.

if (isset($text)) {

if ( $text == “” ) {

$response=”CON Welcome to the registration portal.\nPlease enter you full name”;


if(isset($level[0]) && $level[0]!=”” && !isset($level[1])){

$response=”CON Hi “.$level[0].”, enter your ward name”;



else if(isset($level[1]) && $level[1]!=”” && !isset($level[2])){

$response=”CON Please enter you national ID number\n”;


else if(isset($level[2]) && $level[2]!=”” && !isset($level[3])){

//Save data to database


‘electoral_ward’ => $level[2],


‘fullname’ =>$level[1],

//Insert the values into the db SOMEWHERE HERE!!



We end the session using the keyword END.

$response=”END Thank you “.$level[1].” for registering.\nWe will keep you updated”;



Also note that we echo the response for every successful request.

header(‘Content-type: text/plain’);

echo $response;




Now it's time to test the code to see if it works or not.

Things To Do With Code USSD Done?

In addition to being used for tasks such as receiving inventory reports, purchasing recharges, and paying bills, USSD codes can also be used for charitable payments and charitable activities. Many companies active in this field, on occasions such as Eid al-Fitr, have also activated that option to create a suitable environment for this type of activity.

The easy environment and service of these codes make it easy for anyone in any amount of information to do the required banking with them.

Application of USSD Codes In Providing Business Services to Businesses

USSD codes are mostly used in providing banking services and paying bills. USSD codes have more applications in providing services such as recharge purchase, internet purchase from operators, bill payment, money transfer. Other uses of USSD codes in providing services:

  • Charitable donations and charities
  • Providing municipal services
  • Providing services based on water, electricity, gas subscribers
  • Inquiry about transport services and traffic
  • Banking service
  • Debt declaration
  • Transportation Services
  • Some +10 police services
  • Premium payment
  • polls
  • Turns
  • OTP one-time password
  • Sales of products and services
  • Ability to make an electronic business card
  •  Sales of products and services
  • Request customer support
  • Ability to integrate with SMS, voice, email, etc. platforms.
  •  Inquiry of the tracking code for the authenticity of the goods
  •  reporting
  •  امکان ثبت نام مشتری در سایت، اپلیکیشن و لیست ایمیل شرکت


in English blog TelirCoYou can read about other USSD applications.

USSD Codes Widely Used in Iran

Tehran City Services System # 137 *

To pay Bank Mellat # 712 *

Future Bank # 745 *

Donation to Mahak Charity # 733 *

First mobile payment service # 10 *

RighTel Services # 130 *

Irancell Services # 555 *

Buy recharge and pay bills # 780 *

Saman Kish # 720 *

Notification of car violation and payment of violation * 110 #

TelirCo Grammar Code Platform

TelirCo can provide a grammar platform easily and quickly to businesses that can set up and manage their business in the context of grammar.

It is a fact that smartphones have become a necessity in the lives of many people today. Many users use e-banking facilities on their mobile phones and use codes  USSD They use to be able to do their banking and financial exchanges without being present in the banks and using a few numbers and without using special software.

To study How to get USSD service for a company or an individual? Click on the link.

Codes USSD Includes numbers and symbols such as stars and squares * - #, which can be seen in abundance in advertisements. It can be said, for example, that when you need an internet package, you can easily buy your internet in an instant by getting numbers like #number *. This type of code is called USSD code, which has many uses.

USSD And Compare With SMS

As mentioned earlier SMS sending system There are obvious differences with SMS. In the SMS system, as soon as the message is sent from the mobile, the message will be stored in the network. If in this system, after sending the message, you will receive a reply. This means that in this system, two-way communication is established between the mobile and the network, but in Send SMS The connection will be between two mobile phones.

The way it works is that the user sends his request in the form of *… # to the network and receives options in the form of a menu, which by selecting each of the menu numbers and sending it to the server, announces the type of his request. And the server, after receiving it, sends the user request. In the SMS service, the reception is delayed, but in the USSD system, it is an instant connection.

When the user submits his request to the network as #… *, he can see the options, the selection of which is sent to the server. For example, you can say that there is a charge purchase on your menu and you decide to buy a charge. One way that can get the job done faster is to put the charge purchase number next to the original code and get your charge.

Another difference that can be mentioned between the SMS service and this system is that in the SMS you are able to send text and the number of characters and letters in the SMS can be one hundred and sixty characters. If in the system  USSD This number is also possible up to one hundred and eighty-two characters.

Advantages USSD !

Of the countless advantages Codes USSD The following can be mentioned.

You do not need to have the internet to apply and you can do all the steps offline. These services are also provided free of charge. Using these efficient codes, it is possible to easily prepare the charges of different operators in the shortest time and as a direct charge.

Also, you do not need any software to use these codes, and you can simply use the usual mobile settings to use these codes. On the other hand, you can register several of your bank cards in the same SIM card, and with the help of these codes, you do not need to go to the bank for your daily banking work.

In this system, information transfer and receiving answers is done in a short time because there is no need to save requests and after registering the numbers, it is enough to press the call button. On the other hand, security is very high in this system.

To use this system, the bank card number and the second password must be entered and the bank card details are no longer used. These codes USSD Can be used in any type of mobile phone and does not require special services on the mobile phone. These facilities will increase e-services and reduce intra-city traffic drastically.

Among the things that can be done with the USSD code are such things as paying loan installments, reporting from the bank and receiving the balance, transferring fixed funds, and… all of which can be done without being present in the bank. Just enter that when entering the code USSD, Choose your bank and get the services you need.


In Summary, Some of The Most Important Benefits of Using USSD Include:

  1. It is affordable and completely safe
  2. Can be used on all mobile operating systems.
  3. Provides real-time interaction.
  4. No download is required for end-users.

By providing a variety of web technologies such as the USSD management platform as reliable technology partners, you will guarantee the best available solutions at very reasonable prices for your users and customers. It may be interesting to know that the solutions offered at TelirCo are designed exactly to your needs and have a high degree of flexibility to pay according to the value you receive.

Security USSD

It has already been stated that the services of this service have good security in order to create a sound space. When you send your request, it is sent to the bank's server, and by entering your bank card details, this transfer is done safely and there is no need to worry. This route has very good information security and as soon as the request is sent, the bank server also sends a response to the operator and finally you receive the message and the whole process takes place in a very short time.

Execute The Code USSD

One way you can code serviceUSSD, Used, is the use of companies that provide online payment services. These types of companies can provide you with a gateway. This port can be created and provided on your smartphone.

To have a gateway, you must first go through all the steps to obtain an electronic symbol and receive it, and then follow up on your request from online payment service companies. It is possible to have the services of these companies on your site. You can use these services if you decide to create and expand your activity on the site.

Central Bank Performance Regarding USSD

One of the issues about USSD The central gatekeeper has done that in the ninety-third solar year, he received a commission for taking inventory, using command codes to thus reduce this type of transaction. In the year 1994, it stopped the conditions for buying and receiving balance for payment companies, and approved a ceiling of 200,000 Tomans for payments, so that all banking is done through the bank and only in very limited conditions of codes and services. Use USSD.

But a year later, a system was introduced by the central bank called Payvand. Through this system, telephone numbers and card numbers were connected to increase the need to enter the exchange card number and increase the security of bank accounts. Then, in the year 96, with the announcement of the National Bank, it became possible to pay public bills from this service, and other transactions were eliminated.

With this kind of central bank approach, businesses are based  USSD And the operators were created to confront and protest. The group claimed that the central bank's decision was sudden and had damaged their newly established businesses. But the reality was that the central bank had created and implemented its security measures about five years ago to create more security.

 The Introduction of USSD Technology In The World of Payments

Perhaps it can be said that in the current situation, operators and companies that operate with them as a subsidiary must break their resistance. Because today this type of technology, which has insufficient security, is naturally eliminated and safer services are provided.

The presence of newer technologies, such as Google Pay electronic payment, is expanding and developing today due to their quality. These types of services have a variety of services for their users and make good use of NFC technology.

The important point is that technologies, no matter how secure they are, can cause a lot of problems if they are not used properly and their use is unprincipled. For some time now, various organizations have been proposing the creation of e-wallet services. But the fact is that while the service USSD It has such problems that it has not been able to provide the necessary security for Iranian users. Is there a necessary platform to create such technology?

How And Conditions To Receive The Code USSD

Among the conditions that a site can code USSD The following can be mentioned:

One of the most important conditions is that the applicant's website has received the electronic credit symbol. Also, the group that manages the site should not have a bad record in the FATA police. On the other hand, having bad accounts with banks such as Melli and Mellat can be considered a negative advantage. Having SSL for the site is one of the requirements.

When a site requests this service, it must be active in one of the fields of virtual goods sales, domain sales, host sales, and payment gateways. Also, the site must have a history of three years and the site server must be created in Iran and the transactions made from this code must have a large number per day.

It takes ten to forty-five days for the port to be activated in this service. On the other hand, site administrators must send their site identification documents to the bank they are considering, and during this period, create programming facilities on the site and receive a tracking code from the bank. If the bank determines that the complete steps have not been completed, it can delete the gateway without notification.

Management Platform Performance USSD

If you want to learn more about the USSD management platform, you must first identify its functionality. The USSD function is divided into two modes.

  • Mobile Side Management (PULL)
  • Network Side Management (PUSH)

According to the description described in connection with this service platform; It can be understood that the function of USSD is completely different from the function of "SMS". USSD tries to motivate mobile phone users or carriers to use their services and facilities through its mechanisms, and it can be said with confidence that it has been largely successful in today's modern world. Using the USSD management platform, users can start USSD sessions via the USSD short code (for example * 100 #) or via short keywords in the message. It is even possible to make a voice phone call.

The Importance of The Platform USSD In Today's World

Today, science and technology have advanced so much that USSD It is used as a fully interactive solution to meet the needs of the people in most services such as polls, account management services, banking, voting, mobile phones, and education, etc. We are now increasingly seeing the USSD management platform in business applications, as this platform helps companies and organizations get better results and be more profitable. USSD support for content longer than SMS is the reason for all this. If you, as a business owner, intend to provide your users with a user-friendly, comprehensive, and easy-to-use web technology environment; USSD with all its features can cover your needs and is one of the best possible solutions.

Message Format USSD Get to Know

According to the standards set by the World Health Organization USSD management platform Published, you as a business owner must use the form defined as * 1XX # to use USSD command codes. It has even been observed that in many cases, operators define services from * 100 # to * 149 # according to their needs. This allows them to provide services that are tailored to the user after dialing and calling. Codes that are stored for about * 150 # to * 199 # for the use of mobile operators themselves to manage the user's device connection to the mobile network.

Possibilities USSD !

We all know that as long as a service or system does not provide us with facilities and benefits, it is difficult for us to reach for it. This issue is related to the management platform USSD It also applies. Now it is better to get acquainted with some of the features of this platform;

  • Supports multiple connections.
  • It has the flexibility to integrate with the mobile operator billing system.
  • Service rotation time is 24 hours.
  • Supports interfaces such as SMPP, HTTP, SOAP, and….
  • Supports various charging mechanisms and advanced billing mechanisms.
  • Monitors real-time USSD traffic.
  • Allows thousands of content providers to connect.
  • There is a simple XML-based API for connecting third-party services.

Final Topic

In this article, we have tried to explain some of the most important things about the USSD management platform. Certainly, these items will help you to be fully aware of the use of this widely used platform and use the appropriate command code. Even thoughOur consultants and specialists at TelirCo They are ready to answer any question that has occupied your mind in this regard. You can also visit the section USSD Be aware of the services of this platform in TelirCo and make decisions according to your needs.

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