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Voice Message System

VMS |Voice message System

With its extensive telecommunications infrastructure, the TelirCo voice messaging system allows you to make calls and send your voice simultaneously to a large number of landline and mobile phone contacts.


TelirCo VMS Facilities:


Send VMS 24 Hours a Day:

With this system, you can select and send the time of sending the messages according to your opinion.


Possibility to Schedule Sending VMS:

Managing message time is entirely up to you. You can choose the best time to send. When, according to previous analyzes, the most appropriate time for your audience.

Full report:

In the VMS system, you can easily see a complete report of transactions, sent messages and even that the user has listened to your message for a few seconds and in your admin panel.

Excel input and output:

Edit contacts and insert new contacts in the panel

Possibility of poll: 

This system is a very efficient tool for surveying customer satisfaction and asking their opinion about different cases.

Contact Numbers Database:

If needed, you can use the system's contact number database.

Delete incorrect numbers:

Numbers that you enter manually, incorrect numbers are automatically deleted before sending.

Ability to send to fixed phone numbers:

With the purchase of the TelirCo VMS system, in addition to mobile lines, you can also send messages to fixed lines.

Watch this short video to find out about the features of this system (voice messaging platform).

What Should We Pay Attention To Before Buying and Ordering the VMS SMS System?


Before Buy a voice SMS system  VMS We must keep in mind the points that we will mention in the following.


               قبل از خرید سامانه پیامک صوتی VMS به چه نکاتی دقت کنیم؟

 Preparation Steps Before Ordering VMS Voice SMS System

Before sending your voice, you must first purchase the software account. By purchasing an account, you will be assigned a username and password so that you can send recorded voice messages to others, and users will be able to play your voice message as soon as they receive it. One of the advantages of the VMS voice messaging system is that it can be played on landlines and smartphones, which is why VMS voice messaging system is suitable for advertising businesses.

Buying a voice SMS system has many benefits for you. Before purchasing a VMS voicemail system, you can read the article Benefits of VMS Read. The points that you need to pay attention to before buying the SMS system include the following:

  • The Amount of Budget Intended for The Purchase of an SMS System VMS

No additional cost is required to purchase the system. Considering your purchasing power and budget, consider a VMS voice SMS system and then proceed to purchase.No additional cost is required to purchase the system. Considering your purchasing power and budget, consider a VMS voice SMS system, and then proceed to purchase.

  • Capabilities and Facilities Required to Order a Voice SMS System VMS

Specify what you need the VMS voicemail system to do Features and possibilities of the voice SMS system VMS Suitable for your job and profession.

  • Your Workload and Usage Rate

Determine your workload so you can determine which VMS voice messaging system is right for you. You do not need to buy an expensive system, but if you have a large workload, buy a professional VMS voice SMS system.

Buy a voice SMS system VMS

How to Order The SMS System of Knowledge-based TelirCo Company


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