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Virtual office abroad | How to work overseas at the lowest cost?

دفتر کار مجازی خارج از کشور

If you have a start-up business abroad and can not afford the cost of traditional offices, we suggest that you seek to set up Virtual office abroad Go. A virtual office is a place for a business whose employees provide telecommuting services over the phone or the Internet. Setting up Virtual office abroad The cost does not require a lot of capital, but to set up one international virtual office (E-Office) With the least cost, you have to keep in mind the points. To have a virtual office at the lowest cost, you can with start from an IVR E-Office start. These offices only provide telephone services, and since they no longer have virtual services on their schedule, they have a much lower set-up cost. Type Services E Office It has a direct relationship with the costs ahead. For example, a company that sells only one product type certainly has much lower prices than a company that sells various kinds of products.

E-Office Price

You will have to pay a monthly fee to use the virtual office services. This cost depends on many factors. Including The company from which you have subscribed, the type of company (private, limited liability, joint-stock), the specific address of the virtual office and the registration fee in the Chamber of Commerce and the costs related to the tax office for each Virtual office abroad Is different. Naturally, these costs are much lower for an office in Turkey than in Australia or European countries. If you want to minimize these costs, you have to be very obsessive in choosing the company from which you provide your monthly subscription to find the right option for you finally. As mentioned earlier Virtual office cost is not too much and if you want to rent a virtual office in Turkey You have to pay between 250 and 300 lira almost every month. Of course, this cost is average, and offices that serve less will cost you about 100 to 180 lira a month, and if you are looking for a full-fledged office, you will have to pay about 400 to 500 lira a month.

مراحل راه اندازی دفتر کار مجازی خارج از کشور

Steps to set up a virtual office abroad

In the first step to run Virtual office abroad You need to determine what kind of company you want to start. We mentioned their types above. Usually, a large number of people who want to start an office for the first time going to start a private company. If two people are partners or have a relatively high initial capital, you can start a limited liability or joint-stock company.

In the second step, you should Virtual office abroad Provide the address to the tax office of that country.

Step 3: Sometimes, it is necessary to obtain a business title certificate; although in countries such as Armenia, Chile and Portugal, such a certificate is not required, it is better to ask the relevant ministry in the destination country.

Step 4: You need a financial advisor to arrange your office lease and do the related work.

The fifth step is to obtain the tax code and register the document in the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 6: At this point, tax inspectors will visit your company and confirm the address Virtual office abroad you can officially start your activity.




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