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USSD Platform

کددستوری USSD

What is USSD Platform?

USSD Platform

There is no doubt that the telephone, with a penetration rate of more than 100%, has become an important component of all of our lives. Using USSD codes on mobile phones without installing any software and only by getting a few numbers, allows businessmen to provide various services. USSD codes mean numbers like *500# that are widely advertised today, and for this reason, the general public is quite familiar with how to use it. The simple environment of working with these codes makes the use of it increase day by day. Therefore, different businesses use this tool as a channel to communicate with customers or provide their services to customers, and the TelirCo cloud code service facilitates the use of this tool for all companies at a reasonable price. In the following, you will get acquainted with the capabilities of this service.

USSD Platform Structure

  • What is certain is that the platform's task is to receive the request and aggregate the response from the information entered in the tree or the information received from the content providers API. All USSD services are designed and implemented accordingly.
  • TelirCo platform is designed and produced based on a tree design in a completely visual environment without any technical knowledge. An extremely user-friendly interface reduces the organization's dependence on technical people to zero.
  • Various reporting of data generated in the operating system without slowing down or reloading the pages is subject to the provision of appropriate hardware infrastructure for the platform. In the social security project, if that esteemed organization needs to receive frequent and uninterrupted reports from the generated real data, it should provide parallel hardware infrastructure of the database so that many searches do not affect the performance of the system during peak request times. It should be noted that during the previous two years, when the services of the respected Social Security Organization were operating on the TelirCo platform, this separation had not been done and the reporting needs of the organization were provided on the same main infrastructure of the platform.
  • One of the main advantages of this platform is that by coding and optimizing for 5 consecutive years and going under load in national projects with traffic up to 7000 TPS, it can work with XML code or coding without the user of the technical knowledge system. Have easy communication with the system in programming languages.
  • This platform or programming language and powerful PHP and Mysql database are designed and implemented, which provides the basis for future platform development in any skill.
  • The support team of Hoonam Tejarat Pars Company will be with the Social Security Organization at the time of launching and operation, as it was in previous years, with a wealth of experience in setting up and supporting command code services in the country.

A Simple Flowchart of USSD application

List of the USSD Possibilities

Advantages of TelirCo USSD Platform

High Level Access

The user does not need to have technical knowledge to define or modify command code menus, get reports, and more.

Easy to Use

Due to the presence of a convenient graphical user interface, the system user can easily perform the desired operations.

Integration Ability

TelirCo USSD software can be easily integrated with other systems and backend services.

High System Capacity

Customers' past experiences have proven the ability to process quickly in high traffic.

Flexible Collaboration Model

Ability to define the service in the cloud (Cloud) or purchase a software license plus long-term support

7/24 Support

Ability to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Examples of USSD platform applications in businesses

TelirCo USSD Platform Features

1- The possibility of receiving information from customers

2. Submit a report based on each session

3. Value-added services

4. Ability to send SMS to the contact

5. Using customer or third party web services

6. Ability to send voice messages

7. Personalized report

8. Poll service

9- Performing Shapark transactions

Images from the USSD TelirCo platform

USSD Clients

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