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You have probably heard the name of USSD and you may even have used them many times. But do you know what exactly these codes are and what they do? Are you familiar with its various components, such as the USSD center or USSD Push or do you know how to use them? If you do not know the answer to any of these questions and want to get complete information about them, you are reading the right article. Follow us to take a closer look at these codes.

Codes USSD are the same as square star codes.

What is USSD Definition?

USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, means unstructured complementary service data, is a communication protocol used by GSM cell phones to communicate with service computers. To put it simply, the USSD codes are actually the square star codes we use to communicate with an organization's system or telephone operator.

USSD center

USSD PUSH Definitions and Applications

USSD Push Or NI USSD, in simple terms, can be considered part of the same USSD code. Even all their behaviors are similar, except that in NI USSD, the interactive menu is sent in real-time or on time on the user's mobile phone, and the user does not need to dial a special code. This type of USSD code execution is also called network-side management. It means that the code is sent automatically by the service provider. These codes can be used for ATM transactions, central call authorization, one-time passwords, etc.

What is the difference between USSD Gateway and USSD center ?

To answer this question, it is better to first know the meaning of each. USSD Center is a set of hardware and software required for the internal connection of two or more different networks, which includes protocol components and is based on transmitting, sending, and receiving USSD messages. Simply put, the USSD Center sends and receives messages from the central network to the mobile service plan and vice versa. For this reason, in addition to the USSD center, it is also called the USSD Gateway.

Codes USSD send interactive messages on a real-time basis.

Interestingly, the USSD code system, unlike the SMS or messaging system, sends messages interactively and in real-time. And for this reason, it can be used for interactive communication such as banking, educational services, live meetings and moments between the subscriber and the service provider, and so on. It should be noted that our collection is currently able to provide USSD Gateways It is very powerful for you. By purchasing and receiving USSD services from us, you can establish the best quality interactive communication between your service and your customers. High speed, reasonable price and excellent quality are among the features of our USSD services and USSD centers.

USSD gateway

The Effect of TPS in USSD Gateway !

TPS stands for Transaction Per Second, and as its name implies, is the unit for counting USSD transactions. For example, if you have 100,000 messages that need to be sent in 3 minutes, your TPS should be at least 340 messages per second. Keep in mind that the higher your TPS, the better hardware and design you will need, so if you will buy a Gateway and be impressed by TPS in USSD Gateway and you care a lot about it, it would help if you considered factors such as the size of the messages, choosing the right hardware and running the best messaging gateway program.

You can use USSD for many services and goals.

The Concept of Sessions and Tips on Managing Active Sessions

In simpler terms, Sessions are interactive work sessions established through interactive menus using USSD codes between the service provider and the mobile user. These sessions are created by receiving a USSD code request from the recipient, and then options are displayed to the recipient in an interactive, configurable menu on USSD codes. During the session, the user selects the menu options, establishes the desired options and communicates with the desired service. For example, when you enter the USSD code for a bank and call it, a menu will be shown to you, and by sending the numbers 1,2,3, etc., you can select options such as balance, transaction, etc.

When managing your active sessions (live monitoring of active sessionsIt is better to know some points. First of all, remember that the content that is to be presented to the audience should only be in the form of text, and this content can not be stored. Also, only 82 Persian characters or letters can be placed on each page of a USSD session or session. You can not post links to sessions. Content that can be used in the sessions mostly includes notifications, registration, payment and polls. If you also connect your USSD platform service to web messaging services, you can text some content, such as the original content, at the end of the session.

You can use USSD to send and receive financial transactions.


Why TelirCo?

Using USSD services requires special features such as TPS complete security, optimal execution plans, suitable and high-quality gateway or center Providing all of these features and services alongside USSD service can be costly for you. In addition, you can expect high quality and security in services, for the money you spend. The TelirCo team can offer all USSD-related services to you with the best quality and the most reasonable price.   

TelirCo has two products, USSD Menu maker and USSDC-G. In the USSDC-G product, SS7 Integration and management on VLR and ATI settings and settings are performed. The USSD Menu maker platform also manages the subcodes and content of USSD trees and services and financial reports so that any operator with the least technical knowledge can create and manage their USSD service on a USSD or USSD subcode.

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