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چطور کد USSD درست کنم

How to Set Up a Service USSD Be Successful for Organizations?

Today we live in an era where it is possible to do most things and services through mobile phones. The advent of new and advanced technologies has made such possibilities available to us. One of the most important of these is an electronic banking Via USSD codes It is placed on the mobile phone platform. These codes, which benefit from the international standard protocol, are considered as a method of sending messages in the mobile network that can perform various services. This is why codes have been used for the past several years USSD بر روی تلفن‌های همراه به یکی از پرکاربردترین و ضروری‌ترین روش‌های ارائه خدمات تبدیل شده است. اما سوال اساسی اینجاست که آیا تاکنون به این مسئله فکر کرده‌اید که راه‌اندازی سرویس USSD برای سازمان‌ها به چه صورت انجام می‌گیرد؟ با توجه به اهمیت و کاربرد بالای این سرویس توضیحاتی در این راستا ارائه می‌دهیم.

From The Difference USSD and SMS What Do You Know?

SMS In our country, which is also called SMS, it acts in such a way that it is first stored in the network and then sent to the destination. But this issue in USSD services It will be a little different. Because when you try to send messages and command codes, your message will be sent and there will be no stopping and saving. In simple terms; USSDAre a way to communicate between a cell phone and the network, and vice versa, while SMS is used to communicate between two cell phones. To launch USSD service for organizations, USSD codes USSD is provided to them.

You should know most USSD grammar codes, as; #Codes * are provided to the customer. Therefore, they have the opportunity to view the services in the form of a menu and by selecting the number of each service and sending it to the network server, it submits its request and the network server, by receiving this number, performs the customer request. . Maybe that's why the specialists USSD Is known as a way to communicate instantly because there is no delay in providing services. However, due to the lack of storage features, if the cover is lost, its interaction with the user will be cut off. However, this point can not reduce the interest and fans of this service.

Tips for Setting Up The Service USSD For Organizations

When as a capital owner and manager, the decision Launch the USSD service As you grow organizations in your mind, you need to be aware that there are always many tips that can help you deliver positive results and more useful services to your customers and users. Among the available points, the following can be mentioned:

In the past, as someone who wanted to use the services of the relevant organization or bank, it was necessary to have special software. But today, new methods such as USSD have been introduced to the world, which is easily provided and supported by mobile operators, which are called command codes; Like # 1234 *.

It may be interesting to know that USSD is categorized based on the menu and can easily define the list of services. In this regard, and to launch the USSD service for organizations, the user must first send a request to the mobile network such as # 1234 *. By doing this, options will be displayed in the form of menus or lists for them, and by selecting the number of each menu and sending it to the telecommunication network, it will make its request. Note that your request as a user will be sent directly from the operator to the service provider (organization, bank, company, etc.) and the service provider will prepare a response tailored to your needs and will send it in a fraction of a second.

Command Codes to Launch The Service USSD

To be able to as an organization, bank, company, and in general a provider of subscriber-based services through USSD Provide your services You must be able to set a specific command code for yourself. In this regard and for Launch the service USSD For organizations, you need to go to mobile operators and buy these codes and make the initial settings on your server-side (data center or server storage). Note that the applicant will not need to install any software or special settings on their mobile phone. All you have to do is enter the command code that starts with * and ends with #.

Telecommunication operators It offers various services but its priority is with voice services. Since grammar codes are defined in audio bandwidth, they are therefore permanently available to subscribers; In other words, most of the delays we see in sending messages will never occur in USSD-based services. Unless there are changes to the operator and the IP address associated with the command code.

Final Topic

Now we all know how Launch the USSD service We are aware of organizations and we know very well that these services are a very good solution for organizations, companies, and especially banks to provide their services to customers and users in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. Now, if you plan to provide your services to users via USSD as one of the active companies, you can go to USSD TelirCo Refer to or with Our consultants at TelirCo Call. Rest assured that all questions and ambiguities in your mind will be resolved.

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