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USSD - Code - What You Need to Know About USSD! (Comprehensive guide)


What is USSD?

USSD Abbreviation for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. In Persian, it is usually known as "USSD command code".

USSD codes are the * # codes we commonly use to purchase recharge, Internet, and... The use of the USSD command code in providing services in all human beings' daily lives is easily visible.

These codes interact with Irancell, Hamrah Aval, RighTel, Azartel, and operators, and the data sent to the server No storageAre answered, and the response speed in this method is high.

To send a message on this platform, it can use 182 characters and use the mobile and operator's network for effective communication. Will send these messages digitally by pressing the * and # keys, allowing you to send or receive information to the web easily.


How does USSD work?

All command code connections USSD They more or less start with a certain method. To a service provider USSD command code You send. The grammar code is a combination of numbers and special characters. Your mobile operator uses this code to direct you to the correct service.

What happens when a user dials the provided USSD command code?

  • The request is sent to the mobile service provider.
  • The provider directs the request through a gateway to the host device.
  • The program processes the requests it receives and sends feedback.
  • Feedback is processed by the provider and sent to the mobile phone.

What to do with the USSD code?

The easy environment and service of these codes make it easy for anyone in any amount of information to do the required banking with them.

USSD codes are mostly used in providing banking services and paying bills. The USSD command code has more applications in providing services such as recharge purchase, internet purchase from operators, bill payment, money transfer. Another application of USSD command code in delivering services:

  • Charitable donations and charities
  • Providing municipal services
  • Providing services based on water, electricity, gas subscribers
  • Inquiry about transport services and traffic
  • Banking service
  • Debt declaration
  • Transportation Services
  • Some +10 police services
  • Premium payment

USSD benefits

What are the advantages of USSD?

To set up an instruction code service in your business, you need to have a variety of instruction codes and Sell USSD codes Be familiar enough.

Of the countless advantages USSD USSD The following can be mentioned.

You do not need the internet to apply, and you can do all the steps offline. Also, these services do not incur any cost. Using the USSD command code, it is easy to prepare different operators' charges in the shortest time and as a direct charge.

You do not need software or a smart system to use these codes, and you can use the usual mobile settings to use these codes. On the other hand, you can register your different bank cards in the same SIM card, and with the help of the USSD command code, you do not need to go to the bank for your daily banking work.

In this system, information transfer and receiving answers is done in a short time because there is no need to save requests and after registering the numbers, it is enough to press the call button. On the other hand, security is very high in this system. To use this system, a bank card number and a second password are required. These facilities will increase e-services and reduce intra-city traffic drastically.

Among the things done with the USSD code are items such as paying loan instalments, reporting from the bank and receiving the balance, transferring fixed funds, and… all of which can be done without being present in the bank. Just enter the request code when entering USSD, Choose your bank and get the services you need.

How and conditions to receive USSD code

One of the most important conditions is that the applicant's website has an electronic credential symbol, and the group that manages the site should not have a bad record in the FATA police. On the other hand, having bad bank accounts in some banks, such as Melli and Mellat, can be considered a negative advantage. Having SSL for the site is one of the requirements.

When a site requests this service, it must be active in selling virtual goods, selling domains, hosting and payment gateways. Also, the site must have three years of experience and must create the site server in Iran, and the site transactions must be more than a certain limit.

Activation of this service will take from ten to forty-five days. On the other hand, site administrators must send their site identification documents to the bank they consider. They create programming facilities on the site during this period and receive a tracking code from the bank. If the bank determines that the complete steps have not been completed, it can delete the gateway without notification.

What are the features of USSD?

We all know that as long as a service or system does not offer features and benefits, it will be difficult for anyone to use it. This issue is related to the management platform. USSD It also applies. Now it is better to get acquainted with some of the features of this platform;

  • Supports multiple connections.
  • It has the flexibility to integrate with the mobile operators billing system.
  • Service rotation time is 24 hours.
  • Supports interfaces such as SMPP, HTTP, SOAP, and….
  • Supports various charging mechanisms and advanced billing mechanisms.
  • Monitors real-time USSD traffic.
  • Allows thousands of content providers to connect.
  • There is a simple XML-based API for connecting third-party services.


From Garlic to Onion Launch the USSD Service For Natural And Legal Persons

Managers of many companies and organizations use the USSD command-line communication channel and the rest of their communication channels with the audience. At this stage, the point to consider is the nature of the USSD platform and the type of services set up on this platform.

Provision of USSD Infrastructure and Foundation

At the beginning of designing and launching a USSD service, you should think about getting its infrastructure and a USSD stub. Mobile operators provide USSD command codes in the country. Suppose any organization and business need to set up a way to communicate with contacts through the USSD command code and launch content and payment services. In that case, it should apply to mobile operators (Hamrah Aval, Irancell and RighTel) . To do this, you must apply separately to each operator's corporate sales office and inquire about the price of USSD numbers.

Operator Communication Protocols for Launching USSD Service

To communicate with the operators' network, you must comply with their security standards. After speaking with the operator, it is time to choose the communication protocol.

Currently, the common protocol among operators is a URL, which is both simple and powerful. According to some experts, USSD services with a lot of traffic, for example, more than 500 TPS, should be implemented on the UAP protocol. Of course, the experience and technical opinion of the Telerco technical team do not differentiate between URL and UAP in the ability to implement a lot of traffic. It may be easier to implement the USSD service based on the URL protocol and easier support.

Next, you need a platform to implement your tree. A forum where you can easily create any number of subcodes on your header, call multiple web services in the body of your tree, connect to your SMS system, and have dozens of possibilities and capabilities required for a beginner to professional services.

This platform is one of Hunam Tejarat Pars Company's main products, which has been offered to many organizational and private customers so far.


How to Make Money Through the USSD Request Code?

The use of these codes is well established with the advertisements in the media, and most people use these codes for banking services, participating in lotteries, paying bills, and so on.

Get the Representation of USSD Code Charging Stores

Many people use the USSD request code to purchase recharges. The purchase of recharge in these codes is done without the need for internet and offline. You can introduce your code to those around you. Make moneySo that every time you buy a charge from this code, you will receive a profit. Companies represent charging stores to people who are active and interested in making money. You can contact TelirCo for more information on the USSD platform.

Sales of Irancell and Hamrah Aval Recharge Via USSD Code

you can Dedicated USSD code Buy it and introduce it to those around you, sell Irancell and Hamrah-e-Aval recharge and receive a commission.

For more information and how to work with TelirCo, contact us and earn money from home.


Use the USSD Electronic Business Card.

Today in many developed countries of the world, varieties. USSD electronic business card Replaced it with a paper business card. Although paper business cards are still one of the most important aspects of business introduction in Iran, should not overlook the special benefits of using electronic business cards

The USSD e-business card, or EBC, is a newer way of presenting business specifications used in various contexts, such as text messaging and USSD. Due to the increasing cost of laminates and business cards and the importance of protecting the environment, and considering the 88% of discarded paper business cards globally, many businesses today use new methods of providing specifications that Their bedrock is new means of communication. Square star codes or the same USSD electronic business card They are one of the good and fast communication platforms in which you can prepare a special code for your store. In this special code, you can define specifications, communication channels and other menus for your customer.

The Benefits of Having an Electronic Business Card

  • Always available.
  • It has more diverse services than paper business cards.
  • Reduces costs.
  • The bank provides customer numbers.
  • Gives credit to the business.

USSD electronic business card It is one of the best ways to communicate with customers, which is well received because it does not cost customers money to use. Although this type of service in Iran has not yet become as widespread as it should be, undoubtedly, the future will belong to this presenting business card method.

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