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Use of modern IVR | 5 innovative ways to use modern IVR

استفاده از تلفن گویای مدرن

Innovative ways to use modern IVR

در حالی که از تلفن گویا به طور سنتی به عنوان ابزاری برای بهینه سازی مشاغل استفاده می شود، استفاده از تلفن گویای مدرن ابزاری قدرتمند برای جذب مشتری است. هنگامی که به درستی اجرا شود ، سیستم های تلفن گویا به تماس گیرندگان این امکان را می دهند تا بدون نیاز به مکالمه با یک نماینده زنده ، ارتباطات مستقیم مشتری با مشتری را از طریق تلفن از بین ببرند. مشاغل مدرن امروزی با استفاده از تلفن گویای مدرن برای نظرسنجی ها، تبلیغات، پرداخت ها، آگاهی از نام تجاری و موارد دیگر کسب و کار خود را بهینه میکنند.

The IVR system is becoming a completely new sales channel that can support or replace telemarketing. Because the use of modern IVR can automate the process of communicating with potential customers, it is a simple way to create initial interest and then hype to become an active customer.

Beyond customer guidance, marketers are rapidly adopting the modern IVR to learn more about their customers. Conducting telephone surveys, marketing activities, systems IVR Provide a surefire way to boost customer interests, interests, and demographic information. Marketers can analyze such rich customer data obtained by IVR systems, determine which population responds favorably to the company's operations, and adjust the messaging accordingly.

What do you know about Modernization of IVR ?

استفاده از تلفن گویای مدرن

How Businesses Can Get More Customers Faster With Modern Phones

Customer guidance routing

Interactive voice response systems can support sales operations and speed up customer leads. For inbound sales, marketers have found that IVR technology is ideal for scoring businesses: With a simple IVR voice questionnaire, you can gauge customer interest and listen to customer requests. After gathering customer information, customer interest and demand prospects can be quickly directed to a direct sales representative to supply the desired product. This is a successful win-win business.

Marketing Advertising

IVR is no different from other business interactions. Active marketers know that when directing customers to their intended destination in incoming calls, it is an excellent opportunity to inject a business brand, introduce a special offer or deliver a custom marketing message. IVR systems are also used in integrated marketing campaigns by sending numbers to emails or print ads. Customers can quickly call to participate in a contest, use ads, or use polls, and during those automated calls, marketing ads are re-verified.

IVR Payment

Payment process

One of the most popular and convenient IVR applications is allowing the customer to perform simple transactions such as paying bills or updating account information. In this case, using touch technology or active IVR, customers can easily make double payments. Using the phone menu designed in IVR, you can skillfully adjust the call flow and funnel the caller in the direction you want. Using this automated tool simplifies payment, and customers prefer it.

Important Reminders

When making an appointment with a customer, be sure to ask your customers for their phone number so you can send reminders using IVR technology. Automatic reminders for booking restaurants, scheduled car repairs, or medical visits have become commonplace. The ease of doing so makes customers eager to share their numbers. When it comes to reducing unauthorized screening, IVR can save a great deal of money, especially when you consider that missed appointments can cost a doctor more than $ 150,000 a year.


Surveys are a great way to get instant feedback and make informed business decisions based on customer needs. Many customer needs are identified in surveys through customer points of view. IVR polls are usually limited to answering a few questions. The most critical question is placed at the beginning of the survey so that little more important information can be gathered if customers are not interested in continuing. Another way is to set questions in front of the following menu so that you can get the information you need instead of step-by-step services. After all, IVR-based surveys are an ideal way to gather feedback, help businesses, and identify the ever-changing needs of your customers.

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