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What is the nature of the SS7 network? What is its application and role in communication management?

شبکه SS7

If you work in the field of information technology and its transmission, you must have heard the name of SS7 Integration  If you want to work with technologies like USSD or you need to transfer phone information and calls, you also need information about SS7. In the following, join us to fully examine this issue, its application and how it works

SS7 SS7 means Signaling System No. 7 is a set of telephony signaling protocols developed in 1975, which is used to set up and tear down telephone calls in most parts of the world-wide public switched telephone network.

Know more about SS7 the natute of SS7

Signaling System No.7, or SS7 for short, stands for Signaling System No. 7, and is a set of standard telephone signaling protocols that handle the exchange of information and the management of telephone calls over the PSTN network, using nodes, on a single Defines a digital network. These nodes in the SS7 network are also called signaling points. It should be noted that to this information exchange in general, the SS7 exchange is known.

نودهای SS7

(SS7 network) SS7 How many nodes or signaling points does it have?

There are generally three signal points in a standard network SS7 Integration These three points include service switching points (SSPs), signal transmission points (STPs), and service control points (SCPs). In the following, we will give a brief explanation about each of these signaling points.

Service switching points or SSPs:

These points play a very important role in the communication on the SS7 network. They actually start and end a call or connection on the SS7 network.

-Service control points or SCPs:

Service control points play a key role in maintaining existing communications on the SS7 network. They set up and manage how to route a call. Also, they specify certain features for this routing method.

-Signal transmission points or STPs:

STP points are actually switched packets that route traffic on the standard SS7 network.

Standard network signaling points SS7 There are three cases SSP, STP and SCP

(SS7 network) SS7 How does it work?

In terms of performance Integration SS7, SCP points and STP points are usually in pairs. In this case, if one of the two is stopped, the process of information exchange and service will continue in the network. The signal used by the SS7 network to transmit data is out of the frequency band. This means that the signaling or control information is transmitted over 56 channels separately and at a specific rate of 6 kbps. This information transfer takes the form of a telephone call. In inbound signaling, which has been used in the past, signaling for a telephone call uses a circuit that resembles the circuit on which a telephone call is transmitted. It should be noted that the SS7 standard improves the initiation of telephone calls and simplifies the process of adding and managing specific services, such as call transfer and wireless roaming.

کاربردهای شبکه SS7

(SS7 network) SS7 چه کاربردهایی دارد؟

(the standard SS&) has many applications in the transmission of information over the telephone. It can be used to set up and manage communications for a call, as well as to disconnect after the call is over. In addition to managing call transfer, the network also provides the ability to display the caller's name and caller ID number and can also provide services such as three-way calling, smart network services or IN and USSD. This network is also efficient in banking and is able to issue invoices to individuals. SS7 Integration It is also able to make free phone calls. Wireless telephone services include mobile subscriber authentication, PCS and roaming services.

maintains the security of authentication processes in protocols SS7, Can prevent Internet hackers from infiltrating.

Network Security of SS7 worth

If you plan to launch and use SS7 services, you must first make sure that the service provider and its users are secure. In this case, it is necessary to know that according to the findings of German security researchers, in 2014, Internet hackers were able to steal information from mobile phone users, such as their location and movement, and even their conversations, through security holes that may exist in the SS7 standard. To obtain. This type of attack is called Man-in-the-middle, and their process is such that they use the insecurity of authentication processes in SS7 protocols to infiltrate.

شبکه SS7

The meaning of M3UA and its role in SS7 ?

M3UA یک پروتکل ارتباطی از خانواده SIGTRAN می‌باشد. M3UA links It is used in telephone networks to transmit signals in the Internet Protocol or IP. M3UA enables user components of the SS7 protocol to implement any network technology without being restricted by telephone equipment such as T-carrier, E-Carrier or ATM. It increases and improves the scalability of signal networks. M3UA, or MTP Level 3 User Adaptation Layer, was defined by a group of IETF SIGTRAN. M3UA, like other compatibility protocols, uses the SCTP service to transmit messages between its network elements. M3UA uses a sophisticated device to manage and display the modes that are running.

Why TelirCo Products and services?

As mentioned before SS7 Integration It is used to transfer telephone information and manage calls or even issue bank statements. But it should be noted that using this service and providing it requires sufficient expertise. It was also mentioned that the insecurity of some parts of this network could cause profiteers to infiltrate your users' information transmission networks. Therefore, our team, having specialized and experienced people in information technology, can provide services related to SS7 with the best quality and security to you dear ones.

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