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Internal SMS Panel

سامانه ارسال پیام کوتاه داخلی

 TelirCo SMS Platform provides facilities and tools for you by which you can send bulk SMS to all cities of Iran selectively and by region and postal code in a categorized manner. Variety of operators and databases, mobile number directions send SMS the ads and even the phone numbers you have are very simple.
To use the SMS panel you should register in TelirCo SMS Platform and after purchasing the required number of SMS, use all the features and tools within your user environment. This service is to receive SMS from users and save their mobile phone number, it also provides special facilities for you within its SMS sending panel. We are still developing and meeting the new needs of users.

Also Hoonam Tejarat Pars Company can offer the sale of the message platform license for organizations that need to install and run the SMS platform on their organization's location and their organization's servers. In this case, a copy of the platform meets the needs of the organization by installing on the servers of the customer organization and connecting to the web services of mobile operators or SMS operators. You can download and view the features of the SMS platform via the button below, and if you need a demo session and introduce the system, send your request from the contact us page.

The organizations that have used our platform to install the version in their place can be mentioned as follows:

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