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Internal SMS Panel

سامانه ارسال پیام کوتاه

 TelirCo SMS Platform provides facilities and tools for you by which you can send bulk SMS to all cities of Iran selectively and by region and postal code in a categorized manner. Variety of operators and databases, mobile number directions send SMS the ads and even the phone numbers you have are very simple.
To use the SMS panel you should register in TelirCo SMS Platform and after purchasing the required number of SMS, use all the features and tools within your user environment. IVR is to receive SMS from users and save their mobile phone number, it also provides special facilities for you within its SMS sending panel. We are still developing and meeting the new needs of users.

Also Hoonam Tejarat Pars Company can offer the sale of the message platform license for organizations that need to install and run the SMS platform on their organization's location and their organization's servers. In this case, a copy of the platform meets the needs of the organization by installing on the servers of the customer organization and connecting to the web services of mobile operators or SMS operators. You can download and view the features of the SMS platform via the button below, and if you need a demo session and introduce the system, send your request from the contact us page.

The organizations that have used our platform to install the version in their place can be mentioned as follows:

Panel SMS And Tips On Buying an SMS Panel 

 Today, because technology has advanced so much, most businesses, such as companies and organizations, provide their services via SMS. If you take a look at how banks, registries, or online stores work, you will find that all of these jobs Panel SMS They buy with the quality so that they can provide their services to their customers.

 The owner of any business when deciding to buy SMS Panel Does, must consider features for it to be able to buy the highest quality SMS panel. In this article, we have the tips that should be taken when Buy SMS panel We have explained it to you.

پنل اس ‌ام ‌اس

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Paying attention to these tips can help you a lot rather than one SMS Panel Buy with quality and be able to meet the needs of your customers.

 Important Tips For Buying An SMS Panel:

 Diversity Of SMS Panel:

Some buyers think it should be the most expensive SMS Panel To buy for their services, but this is very wrong thinking. If you are a small business to all services SMS panel You do not need it.

 So to be able to one Panel SMS Buy quality, you do not need to pay too much. You can have one Panel SMS Choose the cheap one and in turn, can meet your needs.

 try SMS Panel Your choice will provide various packages at different prices to customers or users so that they can get the facilities they need from Panel SMS You choose.

 Powerful User Panel:

Another tip for Buy SMS panel You should pay attention to it, the user panel is powerful. The user panel means that you send your desired text messages to your customers and users, and you can also manage the sent and received text messages.

 The easier and more powerful your user panel is, the easier it can be to work with. So before Buy SMS panel Be sure to test the user panel you want to determine if it is easy for you to work with.

Provide Effective Facilities:

You may think to yourself that attention to this point in Buy Panel SMS It can be a little difficult. But we must say that you before Buy SMS panel You should pay attention to that Panel SMS What facilities does it provide for you?

 some of SMS panels It has features such as gender segregation and sending SMS based on different genders, but some others do not. Whatever SMS Panel If you choose to have more features, you can better meet the needs of users.

  Good before SMS Panel Buy yourself, be sure to read the instructions for its use as well as its features carefully.

Pay Attention To The Needs Of Your Company:

Before you SMS Panel When buying quality, you need to pay attention to what your company is up to Panel SMS needs. Panel SMS Your choice must not only meet the needs of the company but also be able to meet the needs of your customers.

 You may need fewer text messages, so you do not have to Panel SMS Buy expensive and with many features. You can buy the panel that you need and can also provide the facilities that suit your needs.

 Strong Support Of The Panel Provider Company:

Any SMS panel What you buy is provided by a company. When it comes to sending your SMS, you need to get involved quickly SMS Panel Contact yourself and share the problem with them.

Article study Tariff for sending SMS abroad

The experts of this company should solve your problem as soon as possible and have a very strong support team. One SMS Panel Good quality should have easy access to support.

 Coverage Of All Operators In The Country:

There are four operators in Iran and your customer line is one of them. These operators are called Irancell, Hamrah Aval, RighTel, and Taliya. You must before Buy SMS panel Note that the panel you want can cover all of these operators and is not limited to a specific operator.

 SMS Panel Your target audience should be able to send bulk text messages to all four operators.

قابلیت جداسازی ارسال اس ‌ام ‌اس ‌های انبوه

 Ability To Separate The Sending Of Bulk SMS:

SMS Panel Your choice should have the ability to send bulk SMS. This means that you can use SMS Panel Send birthday greetings to some customers or offer discounts to your male and female customers on Mother's Day or Father's Day.

 So it is better to before Buy SMS panel Pay attention to its separability, with this feature you can target customers and also reduce your advertising costs. You have this feature Panel SMS You no longer need to create a custom SMS and send it to your customers. Instead, you can send SMS to your target customers by setting specific filters. These filters can be gender, city area, age, city, province, occupations, and specific guilds.

 Review The Records Of Panel Companies:

Before you proceed Buy SMS panel You should visit the website of the provider companies and see if there is a section on their site called our customers. In this section, customers share their history and experience of purchasing this SMS panel.

 Suitable Tariff For SMS Panel :

Many business owners when trying to Buy SMS panel They think that the appropriate tariff means a cheap tariff. But it is good to know that the basic tariff of SMS is set by the telecommunication company and the companies providing the panel only add a very small amount to the basic tariff for their profit.

Quality SMS User Panel Features:

As mentioned above, the user panel in addition to simplicity and simplicity should also have the following features. These features include:

  •  Have a user guide.
  • Have a Persian menu.
  • Send it fast and easy.
  • Provide the facilities needed by users.
  • Very easy to charge with a few clicks.

 So you when you want SMS Panel When buying, you should pay attention to what features the panel you are going to buy will offer to you and the users, compared to its price and tariff. This way you can get the most quality and the most suitable Panel SMS Buy.

Now that you have important and significant points for Buy SMS panel You know the quality, it's good to have information about the benefits of using it SMS Panel Have it for your business too.

 Benefits Of Using An SMS Panel For Business:

. You can use the Panel SMS Provide your brand services professionally.

. When you from SMS Panel You use it for your business, you can introduce your brand to customers in a very short time. Buy SMS panel It only takes a day to activate it. After activating the panel, you can provide services to your customers through it and make your brand famous in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

 . By sending short text messages to your customers, you encourage them to be attracted to your business and you advertise your services in a way. This is very useful for those who are new to the business and those who have had a continuous and long-term business and recently SMS Panel In addition to their customers, they can also introduce their services to other people they are less familiar with.

. When you from SMS Panel Use, you can interact strongly with your customers. You can congratulate them on their birthdays or special occasions by texting them. You can even answer their questions and allow them to comment on your services.

. You can service your store or business through Panel SMS Tell customers and let them know about your misbehavior. You can send short text messages to inform your customers about discounts, promotions, lotteries of your company or business and encourage them to participate in these activities.

. You can even text certain people in the community based on the type of services and business activities you have. SMS Panel It allows you to target people by gender, area of residence, city, zip code or prefix, and even job and send them private text messages.

 For example, a person who sells spare parts can target people in their 25s and 50s and send them text messages, or someone who works in a boutique can target women. Target a resident of the northern part of Tehran and send them text messages.

Finally, it must be said if you intend to as a business owner or trader Buy SMS Panel ‌‌‌‌‌. You're better to have tips for Buy SMS panel Consider quality. These points include the features of the panel, its tariff, as well as the ease of use of the panel, and so on.

 Pay attention to these points when Buy SMS panel It can help you choose the right panel as well as the right one for your business. You should also note that Panel SMS It plays a huge role in expanding your business and brand as well as providing customer service and can also have a huge impact on the popularity as well as the reputation of your business.

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