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Tariff for sending SMS abroad (all countries of the world)

تعرفه ارسال پیامک به خارج از کشور

International SMS is the best way to send and receive SMS abroad for immediate and reliable communication with customers abroad. Using international SMS means you can make contact with people abroad. Even if they do not have access to the Internet. This tool is reliable, which means you can be sure that the customer has received your message.

TelirCo International SMS Management System allows customers to send international SMS to all countries around the world. In the sense that we can provide real-world coverage. Prices vary by country, so follow us in this short article to know the tariff for sending SMS abroad.

Why Use International SMS?

Sending international text messages is popular for several reasons: first, because it is cheap, and also because it is the most effective and probably the safest way to communicate with overseas customers. International SMS is very effective for ideal communication. That is the communication that needs to have a high level of reliability to deliver the message. For example, marketing messages and billing announcements and reminders are very popular for announcing travel delays and cancellation warnings.

Statistics show that more than 90% of messages are read in 90 seconds. Therefore, SMS is more effective in attracting customers and responding to them immediately than other forms of electronic communication. SMS has a much higher opening rate than email and has a much greater impact than a tweet. With international SMS, you can communicate with your customers almost anywhere in the world with confidence.

Use Dedicated Numbers to Send International SMS

Using international SMS with a dedicated SMS number will make your SMS different. It is a good way to communicate with the customer, and on the other hand, the dedicated number, as its name implies, is specific to your company and you do not need to send a message to your customers with different numbers every time.

ارسال SMS بین المللی

Please note that the tariff for sending SMS abroad, the rules, and the method of sending SMS in each country may be different from another country. For information on the laws of some countries, you can refer to the article Send SMS to countries around the world The rules you need to know See.

Sending SMS Abroad Is Easy

Using the Telirco International SMS sending and receiving system, you can send your international SMS as a short message to a select group of contacts, or the entire bank of your customer's contact numbers.

You can see the capabilities of this system in the section sending system SMS The international Please check.

Sending SMS to SMS allows you to use your favorite email system to send international SMS to your employees and customers using your existing contacts and send the received answers directly to your inbox...

How Can I Find Out the Tariff for Sending SMS Abroad?

You are in the section Tariff for sending SMS abroad, By easily selecting the name of your desired country from the drop-down menu, you can be informed of the SMS sending tariff to that country instantly and online.

If you have any questions about this system, be sure to contact the company's support or to order or receive a demo version of this service Free demo form Complete. Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.


تعرفه ارسال پیامک

Send SMS to countries around the world | Rules you need to know!


It is very pleasant to receive a text message that the customer is waiting to receive. upside down; Text messages sent without prior permission and spam can be very annoying.

 Now with these descriptions, how can a person separate the two and not be confused. To prevent this problem and to prevent this efficient tool from losing its popularity among users, countries in the United States, Europe, Australia, and… have enacted laws to prevent spam emails from being sent.

Familiarity with such laws is very important for business owners whose marketing strategy includes sending text messages to countries around the world.

So in this post, we are going to the rules Let's examine some important countries in the world about sending and receiving SMS. If your business is one of the businesses where sending SMS to all countries of the world plays an important role in the work process, join us.

United States: Telephone User Protection Act

Three major agencies in the United States address the issue of texting. These organs include the following:

  • Mobile Communication System Association (CTIA)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

While the Mobile Communication System Association (CTIA) And the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is increasingly encouraging businesses to use the nationwide SMS system for marketing. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has enacted laws to protect telephone users.

It may be a little difficult for us who live in Iran to believe this, but according to the Telephone User Protection Act (TCPA), we must have a written agreement to send text messages to individuals.

In addition to this written agreement, other important rules must be observed to send text messages to countries around the world.

  • The identity of the sender should be clear
  • The user can refuse to receive the text message and can cancel the continuation of the text message whenever he wants by responding directly to the text message.
  • Text messages should be sent between 8 am and 9 pm to cause less inconvenience to users.

Consequences of non-compliance with these rules include financial losses of $ 500 to $ 1,500 per SMS sent. Therefore, to send text messages to countries around the world, in addition to getting acquainted with how to use the SMS sending system to all countries, tariffs, etc., prioritize familiarity with these rules and observe them in your work.

We will soon review the laws of other countries in the continuation of this post.

United States, CAN-SPAM Act

This law prohibits the sending of promotional e-mail messages to mobile phones by supplementing the TCPA (Telephone User Protection Act). Of course, this rule does not include non-commercial text messages or delivery notifications.

The rule is to send text messages to all countries of the world in such a way that when a promotional text message is sent to users around the world via email, it must be clear to them that the text message is promotional. As a result, the user can cancel the messages forever if he does not want to receive text messages from that company continuously.

Australia: Spam Law

In 2016, Australia passed a law banning the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mails. Whether via email marketing or domestic SMS or international SMS. Therefore, the business must receive written consent from the recipient of the message to receive the text message and e-mail.

Contrary to US TCPA law, in Australian spam law, if a business has a previous relationship with the recipient, it will be possible to send a text message without any problems.

However, in all these rules, the customers must be able to "unsubscribe" clearly so that the customer can cancel receiving a text message from the company whenever he wants.

Another major difference between this law and American law is that if you make a list of contacts. If those contacts have already allowed the intermediary to send the SMS, you too can use that list in your marketing communications and send the SMS to the whole world or Australians and do not need to be re-authorized.

These differences show that Australian spam law is slightly simpler and less stringent than American law.

United Kingdom: Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

In the United Kingdom, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (PECR) Regulations, issued by the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) under the Information Protection Act, set out the rules for SMS marketing.

Similar to Australian law, text messages must be sent with prior permission and can be canceled.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR rules apply not only to business texting but also to data security in general and are likely to affect all aspects of your organization.

Is your privacy policy up to date? Previously, allowing access to personal information was limited to a small square and an optional tick, but under the new rules, you need to be a little more creative and up-to-date to take advantage of this access.

This law is particularly strict in protecting the personal information of individuals, and if information is disclosed, altered or destroyed for any reason; The GDPR urges business owners to inform victims and the appropriate regulatory authority about this violation. Violation of information must be reported within 72 hours of identification.

Explore The Benefits Of Sending SMS Abroad

If you are active in the field of internet business and you want to internationalize your field of work and offer your products and services to Iranians living in other countries or foreigners, you should use different advertising methods and means of communication, This is one of the most effective ways to send SMS abroad, so here we want all kinds Benefits of sending SMS abroad Let us explain to you so that you can understand the importance of sending this method and its impact on the business.


مزایای ارسال پیامک به خارج از کشور 2-min

Importance and benefits of sending SMS abroad



Importance and benefits of sending SMS abroad


Nowadays, with the expansion of communication channels between countries, people can easily and with a little effort to expand their field of work and somehow internationalize it. The benefits of sending SMS abroad are so great that every day the number of people The method used is dramatically added.


مزایای ارسال پیامک به خارج از کشور 3-min

Benefits of sending SMS abroad

From Benefits of sending SMS abroad The following can be mentioned:


  • Creating Powerful And Versatile Networking:

    The more you text to customers or users abroad, the more you will purposefully build a strong network for yourself, and as you know, having a strong network in the field of business will have a direct and positive impact on the success rate. The faster the networking, the faster you will overtake your competitors.

  • Encourage Foreign Customers:

    By sending text messages to Iranians living abroad or foreigners, you can properly introduce your products and services to them and thereby increase the number of your customers. Note that the more attractive and principled the text of the text message can be, the more encouraging and Encourage more leads.

  • Increase Sales:

    If your sales area is limited to a specific area and neighborhood, you can not make much profit, but if you expand your sales area and activities, your sales will increase and you will achieve a lot of profit.

  • Notices:

    One of the other Benefits of sending SMS abroad It is information, this way you inform your customers about new products or special discounts. You can also use SMS to congratulate your customers on different occasions, for example, send a congratulatory message on their birthday or a discount code to them. Dedicate this can attract the trust and attention of customers as much as possible.

  • Low Cost:

    Sending an SMS is much cheaper than other advertising methods. You will see very big results in the short term by paying a small amount for each SMS.

  • Ability To Select A Dedicated Number:

    You can receive a text message with a dedicated number in the panel and easily send a text message to your audience in other countries. Customers are more effective so be very careful when choosing the number as well as the message text.


The above are just a few examples of Benefits of sending SMS abroad Because the benefits of this method are so many and can not be described all in one article, if you want to make positive changes in your business, it is better to use this method to achieve great success as soon as possible. Kurds.

The Last Word

Wherever and whenever your organization decides to use SMS marketing and wants to expand its business market by sending SMS to all countries of the world, follow all local regulations to build confidence with consumers and relevant regulators. It is essential. By observing the principles of satisfaction, cancellation, and security of personal data, introduce yourself as an institution that, in addition to providing excellent products and services, prioritizes the right to choose its customers.

شرکت تلیرکو، با آشنایی وتسلط کامل به این مباحث امکان ارسال پیامک به کل کشورهای دنیا را با رعایت قوانین لازم در International SMS sending and receiving panel At your disposal, dear users.

TelirCo is an Integrated & Unified Telecom Platform Provider. These Products and Services have a free demo. To get a free consult and demo, please fill the proposed  form . Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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