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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

High Quality of Service, Cost Savings and Advanced Features

SMS gateway

Product: SMS Gateway TelirCo

SMS Gateway TelirCo product is SS7 communication management capability and on the other hand IP Base communication management capability and special applications that provide the necessary applications for an SMS Gateway.

Mobile operators can use the TelirCo SMS Gateway to manage SMS transactions between mobile phones and third parties on the Internet.

It enables SMS center operators to take advantage of high-quality services, advanced features, and cost savings..

Reasonable offer with competitive prices

SMS transmission between industry activists and ICT

SMS transmission between industry activists and ICT

SMS center Ability to perform SMS transactions between industries ICT And provides mobile and Internet and can be as SMS hubbing backbone To work.

In the SMS Gateway product of TelirCo, it is possible to connect to telco equipment through ss7 signaling, and also it is possible to connect to the SMSC of operators through SMPP. In this case, SMS Gateway TelirCo mostly plays the role of an SDP and takes over the management of subsystems, main customers, and SMS operators.

Features such as those listed below will be provided to the customer:


 Service Accounts

Scalable (from 20 to 5000 SMS TPS)

Rich IP interfaces (SMPP, HTTP, API)

Web based administration interface (configuration, status, add ons).


Reasonable offer with competitive prices

TelirCo It has its own set of protocols and has a very suitable and interested team in software. It enables us to offer advanced products and services at competitive prices and tailor offers to customized needs.. We guarantee that all our customers have a good start with our software and will continue to benefit from it.

TelirCo can post a quarterly pilot agreement on the installation SMS Gateway Take action at the customer's site.

Our strong implementation and quarterly pilot allow us to offer our products and services at competitive prices.

Pricing of our products is based on additional capacity and facilities. So the customer pays for what he asks for.

This software is provided through the license sales model with annual support fee, subscription model with quarterly installments, and through the revenue sharing model..

TelirCo Ensures that the business conditions offered are reasonable for all customers.


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