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Our Services

Our services meet the needs of businesses and public and private organizations. Here are some of these solutions:

1. Communicating with contacts and customers using a secure, simple platform and available USSD:


کددستوری USSD

 In this service, Telerco offers its customers a USSD subcode with a web panel. Customers of this service can, with a little technical knowledge, through the web panel of this service, USSD tree Design yourself in a few minutes and make it available to all mobile numbers of First Mobile and Irancell. Perhaps a few years ago, few businesses imagined that they could provide a USSD communication solution to their customers at a very low cost and in a short time. Our customers can use this infrastructure for the following:

Inquiry scenario design:

Many businesses and organizations have many query requests from their contacts that only by receiving a few simple numerical data should answer the query that is a sentence or a number or even a link or photo to their audience. This service can be easily implemented on the USSD platform.

Sell or receive payment from the customer:

In this context, businesses can place their customers in front of the payment counter by directing to the USSD subcode. Sales of recharge and payment of service bills or payments with arbitrary amounts are among the services that can be implemented in USSD TelirCo trees.


Registration scenario design:

All customers of this TelirCo service can easily simplify the registration of their various events for their contacts in a few seconds. Registrations are often done by registering the national code or mobile number or even e-mail on web pages or in person. It happens.


Implement any interactive scenario:

In fact, with the features available in the TelirCo web panel, businesses and organizations can implement any scenario in which they need to interact with their audience. Using web services or APIs in USSD trees allows any customer interaction with the organization.

2. Providing service OTP via USSD:

USSD solution or service is a service used by TelirCo for all businesses that need to authenticate their customers in applications through OTP. A safe, secure, and professional solution for businesses and startups that eliminates the cost of sending OTP text messages. This solution can be provided in two ways:

- Receive OTP via web service from business and display to the customer in the USSD subcode.

- Generate OTP by TelirCo platform and send it to the business side to know the correct OTP.

3. Electronic business card:

The term was first coined by the common telecommunication company and its service. This service combines the use USSD And SMS. Businesses and professionals can use this service to have an electronic business card with the possibility of registering an appointment. In this service, it is also possible to send business card details from one customer to another.

کاربرد کددستوری در کسب و کارها

4. TelirCo Professional Call Center:

After gaining a lot of experience in the field of production of telecommunication platforms, TelirCo Company started to produce this organizational product and it has extraordinary facilities such as the possibility of paying by phone by customers.

call centre

5. Payment service by registering a call request:

در این راهکار مشتریان تلیرکو با دریافت یک پنل تحت وب می توانند درخواست دریافت پول از مشتریان خود را در آن ثبت نموده و بلافاصله پلتفرم تلیرکو اقدام به تماس با مشتری آنها و هدایت آن به درگاه پرداخت تلفنی می نماید. این سرویس فوق العاده برای کسب و کارهایی فضای مجازی و همچنین کسب و کارهایی که پرداخت های دوره‌ای دارند جذاب می‌باشد. غیر از ثبت درخواست دریافت پول از مشتری در پنل تحت وب، امکان ثبت درخواست از طریق وب سرویس نیز در این خدمت مهیا می باشد که از جذابیت ویژه ای برای اپلیکیشن های استارتاپی دارد. این سرویس یکی از گونه های سرویس تله‌پوز Is a telirCo.

سامانه تل ان پی

6. Payment service through call transfer:

In this service, businesses can refer their customers who have contacted their call center سرور تله‌پوز Guide TelirCo and receive money from their customer without interrupting the call. To run this service you need to have a business call center through a dedicated tunnel  سرور تله‌پوز TelirCo to be connected.

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