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How to use 5 amazing products in starting a business in Turkey

راه اندازی و رونق کسب و کار

 Useful products for starting and prospering business in Turkey 

What is the main goal in running a business?? Make Money. So if you are looking to achieve this goal, keep reading because in this article we are going to give you five unique products for running a business in Turkey Let's say that they will also lead to financial success. In the following, we will introduce each of the products separately and say that you that for running a business What actions are needed..

Run a business in Turkey with a virtual office (E-Office)

To run an e-business One of the most valuable things you can do in Turkey is building a virtual office. Virtual office generally includes business-specific services such as a real address, IVR, online fax, voicemail, etc. All of this will be free of charge or for physical and office equipment. A virtual office costs much less than a traditional office. You can change the services you provide in this office monthly. Very convenient virtual workbooks running a business in Turkey Are, especially start-ups. Of course, the virtual office also has its problems. Run a business from scratch With a virtual office requires certain skills but from Steps to starting a new business You must pay special attention to it. Also, if the teleworker is not a committed person, the quality of the virtual office work will decrease.

راه اندازی کسب وکار در ترکیه


From One of suitable platforms for starting a new business, to have IVR VMS, IVR,Call Center, etc.  IVR is a message that has already been recorded and can be used for any kind of business. This message will be broadcast before you contact the company's human operator. In general, we have two types of IVR: First, a system that leads you to a part of that business by taking each number. Second, only a pre-recorded message is played to the listener and not a system. one of Important points in starting a business, Having a regular and functional system for your talking phone. This means that you do not have to put every single business segment in this system. It is better to set a maximum of six to eight pieces. Do not forget that by having an IVR, your collection will appear much more professional in customers' eyes. With this product  The customer is better guided. Having an IVR is very important for foreign businesses, so if you are thinking running a business in Turkey Don't forget it.


USSD One way is to send messages on the cellular network. The command code is free and does not require internet. It is also fast to use. You can use the command code in your business to make your customers more comfortable and speed things up.


SMS panel

The first step in running a business Login to communication networks. If you intend running a business in Turkey And want to enter international markets, one of The simplest ways to communicate with customers sending SMS To mobile. The SMS panel is an excellent feature for interacting with your customers. Through the SMS system, you can ask audience opinions about your business, organize SMS contests and do many other things that can be done for run a business in Turkey is useful too


VMS (Voice Message System)

Another new advertising method to thrive on run a businesses Voicemail Is. In this unique product, the advertising message or the introduction of trade and business can be conveyed to the actual audience with a loud voice and a short message that includes the business's goals.

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