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Telecommunication Call Center | How to Manage Your Call Center With the Help of the Remote Control Module


How to Manage Your Call Center With the Help of the Telecommunication Module?

مرکز تماس دورکار

Today, with the advancement of technology and the spread of the Quaid-19 virus, more and more people prefer to do their job activities with the help of telecommuting modules and through telecommuting call centers. But many people who decide, with the use of a telecommuting module, Telecommunication call center They do not have enough information about the challenges of this path and the points to consider. In this article, we share important tips with you dear readers in the management Telecommunication call center They will help you.

Recommendations To Manage a Telecommuting Call Center

 چگونه با کمک ماژول دورکاری مرکز تماس دورکاری خود را مدیریت کنیم؟

1. Strengthen the Sense of Purpose In the Team.

Managers working through the telecommuting module should closely monitor employee performance and share their feedback and recommendations with employees. But when talking about Manage one Call Centre or Teleworking By the way, this is not an easy task. However, we have a solution to this issue. There are software and tools that enable two-way communication between you and your employees, including score buddy software.

  By launching them, you can improve performance Call center staff Monitor and strengthen their sense of purpose.

2. Strengthen Relationships.

Strengthening relationships is one of the basic principles of management Remote Call CenterIs. Only this way you can in one Telecommunication call centerBuild trust among team members, strengthen team spirit. Here are some examples of situations you can create as a manager to enhance employee communication:

Face-to-face relationships: Face-to-face communication is one of the best ways to strengthen communication between team members. Of course, this method is sometimes not possible. For example, now that the world with Covid-19 Involved, face-to-face communication may not be possible. But if possible, try opportunities for team members Call Centre or Teleworking Create yourself that sometimes interact with each other face to face.

Video calling: In video calls, communication between team members is much faster and easier, and the possibility of misunderstandings in conversations is reduced. In a center TelecommutingBe sure to use video calling or face-to-face communication to make important decisions or solve problems.

Email: Email is a great way for situations where you want to share simple information with team members and do not need to receive feedback.

3. Use Technology In The Right Direction.


Technology is a very powerful tool for management Telecommunication call center Is. However, you must agree with your team members to use a single technology.

 For example, if you use different platforms (such as various sites and apps) to connect with team members, it is best to agree with your team members that for each task, only Use one of the platforms. Make sure your team members know which platforms to use for each task, such as sharing information, solving problems, making decisions, strengthening communication, and so on. That way, they will know exactly when and for what purpose to use each of the platforms.

You Can Also Use the Following Tips to Use Technology to Improve Your Team:

  • If from apps and Different platforms As you use it, give members instructions on how to use it.
  • Ask each team member what they prefer to communicate: email, WhatsApp, phone call, or…. This way, you can more easily communicate with any member of the team.
  • Use as little email as possible because it reduces the possibility of simultaneous interaction between the two parties.

Use as many video calls as possible.

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