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What is Referral Marketing? How Does Referral Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

ریفرال مارکتینگ

A significant number of people working in the field of marketing and sales with IVR Referral Marketing Platform They are familiar or need it. If you are one of those people who do not know what it is or you know and are unaware of the methods of using it and its advantages and disadvantages, join us in this article.

IVR Referral Marketing Platform !

IVR Referral Marketing Platform This is called referral marketing. It is a kind of language advertising that people get acquainted with a business through people around them or their friends or by the companies being advertised. Referral Marketing Platform Acts like many marketing channels. system Referral Marketing Platform It is relatively better than other methods and has 4 times more efficiency.

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Referral Marketing Platform What Does It Do?

As we said Referral Marketing Platform It is a kind of linguistic advertisement. As everyone knows, the effect of speech is very high. According to studies, people are influenced by the advice of their friends and acquaintances and trust them completely. In this way, you can persuade the customer to introduce you to their friends and acquaintances by attracting customers and providing unique services, or use the updated method and use well-known people that people trust. Introduce your work and product to them and ask them to reward you for promoting your product. The second method, which is the same as the updated method, is quite obvious. You can ask people who are trusted by people to promote your products by communicating on social networks, but in the first method:

For What Reason Referral Marketing Platform Is It A Powerful Advertising Tool?

Referral Marketing Platform Powerful Advertising Tool

For three reasons Referral Marketing Platform It is a powerful tool: 1. Target 2. Trust 3. Reach

Targeting On Referral Marketing Platform

If your best friend, who has similar tastes, recommends a product to you, you will probably try it and love it. So, as a marketer, when you identify people who are interested in your product, you try to find others like them, like their friends.

IVR Referral Marketing Platform And word-of-mouth marketing, like word-of-mouth marketing, introduces you as a marketer to marketing techniques, allowing you to penetrate the target market using existing channels and tactics...

The Trust

Trust is the second most important factor for Referral Marketing Platform Is. Studies show that customers almost always trust "real people" to public advertising. If you know and love someone, you will probably trust their opinions and not reject their suggestions. Gaining a customer is exactly that. You need to hand over your brand and product ads to real people that your target community trusts.

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در بیست سال پیش، دسترسی یک فرد  متوسط ​​نسبتاً کم بود؛ در بیشتر موارد، مراجعه به صورت تلفنی یا از طریق تلفن انجام شده است. امروز، با داشتن رسانه‌های اجتماعی و وب سایت‌ها، مخاطبان متوسط ​​یک شخص بسیار زیاد است. آن‌ها می توانند در عرض چند دقیقه با یک پست ساده در فیس بوک، یا سایر شبکه‌های اجتماعی، به صدها هزار دوست و آشنای خود محصول خود را معرفی کنند و به هدف خود نزدیک و نزدیک تر شوند.

Why To the System Referral Marketing Platform We Need?

One of the biggest job pressures is finding a comprehensive customer buying channel or bringing in new customers. However, when you have a system Referral Marketing Platform Allow your existing customers to bring in new buyers to your brand. it will not only significantly reduce the cost of new customers entering your store, but also increase the customer base, which is a great thing. Is.

Because loyal customers have a higher conversion rate than new customers and pay more for each transaction, the system Referral Marketing Platform They make the customer the most cost-effective marketing strategy your business can use.

When To Referral Marketing Platform Used?

Many start-ups and companies, as part of their branding process Referral Marketing Platform use. In fact, by using the trick of encouraging the audience to use their services and products, they introduce their brand to people. Actually IVR Referral Marketing Platform It is an indirect advertising method that works very effectively.

Form a Strong Team for Better Results In the System Referral Marketing Platform

To run a successful referral campaign, businesses have to inform their customers about it and direct their customers to the ad, but instead have to make sure their team members can properly address any customer questions or concerns. Or not.

Companies that have formal referral programs, compared to the rest, 86% more revenue growth during a period of advertising through IVR Referral marketing, therefore, it is essential that companies base their marketing strategies on Referral Marketing Platform To change.

How To Run a Referral Marketing Platform Successful

because IVR Referral Marketing Platform To be successful you need to provide valuable motivation.

مصرف کنندگان مایلند بعد از یک تجربه مثبت برای باردیگر مراجعه کنند  و همینطور برند و محصول شما را به آشنایان خود معرفی می کنند. در نتیجه رضایت مشتریان مهم است و افزایش مشتری را در طی دارد.

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

Motivating customers can range from discounts to cash prizes. Choosing the type of motivation depends on what your product is and what your customer is looking for. Your motivation should be attractive enough for your customers to want to share it with their friends.

 And Only When You Are In the Campaign Referral Marketing Platform You Have Succeeded In:

1. Get positive feedback from online customers who buy other products or services from you.

2. Customer satisfaction messages and emails will be sent to you on social networks.

3. Have organic sales! That means selling your products without any advertising or effort.

How to Build an Application Referral Marketing Platform

1.       اهداف خود را تعیین کنید

First, we need to set our goal for the program Referral Marketing Platform Know that we want to be more in the eyes? Or do we want to register new customers? Or do we even want to increase our sales?

از خودتان هدفتان را  بپرسید: آیا اهداف شما بیشتر به رشد و درآمد گره خورده است؟ آیا شما در صنعتی هستید که به استثنایی اعتماد سازی نیاز دارد؟ هنگامی که تصمیم گرفتید اهداف خود را مشخص کنید و آن‌ها را به صراحت تعریف کنید و سرانجام مراحل بعدی را مشخص کنید.

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

Consider what your job was like. Evaluate how the marketer, sales manager, support, or whoever is responsible for building the customer relationship will deal with, and evaluate how the customer will be treated properly. This idea will help you succeed.

2.      تعیین مخاطبان

Contact your customers They can be anyone you are in contact with now or have been in contact with in the past. It's a good idea to make a list, which can include current customers, past customers, industry leaders, your salespeople, and more.

There is a famous proverb in marketing that says: "The right person must be exposed to the right message at the right time" to have successful marketing. As a result, be very careful in choosing your target audience.

3. Take Action to Reach More Customers

From people who are members IVR Referral Marketing Platform You are or your customers are asking you to introduce yourself to others. To do this, launch a campaign with valuable prizes. The rewards you set affect your conversion rate.

4. How to Request a Referral

Never ask your customers directly, "Do you know anyone interested in our products?" Because then you will be faced with an empty mind and you will not receive any answer. Instead, try to offer unique products to him and create a good experience for him and convey the feeling to the customer that by introducing you to his friends, he helps them to produce products with excellent and unique quality. Buy person.

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

Note that the bidding process must be as simple as possible. If you choose a complicated process or you do not do the right thing in choosing the reward, it will cause customers to not pay attention and you will get the result. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

5.  همیشه کمپین Referral Marketing Platform Optimize

Given the goals set in the first step, you should always consider the criteria for the campaign.

IVR Referral Marketing Platform It consists of two parts and you should consider the indicators that you define in both parts.

Part 1: Introducing the brand and product by previous customers to friends and acquaintances

Part 2: Welcoming and buying them

In addition to following referral marketing activities, you should not forget about the growth of organic traffic and post comments on the site and do not follow them anymore. You need to keep track of what percentage of your business organic visitors want to introduce you to their friends and acquaintances.

Referral Marketing Or Referral Marketing Platform What Business Helps to Grow?

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

The Effect of Referral Marketing Platform On Start-ups

If you are a brand or a start-up business, you need to use many different tricks to introduce, grow, and introduce your business to others. Use very effective marketing tricks IVR Referral Marketing Platform VMS, IVR,Call Center, etc. Referral Marketing Platform It is very convenient for start-ups, which usually have limited side costs, due to the very low costs involved.

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

If you want to succeed in your business, it is better to take other business methods. You need to try marketing tricks. But one of the tricks that will get you a lot of success IVR Referral Marketing Platform Is then do not neglect.

Referral Marketing Platform What Harm Does it Do to Our Business Without an Index?

So far we have said all that was needed and you are no longer with IVR You are quite familiar with referral marketing in this section to provide you with some key performance indicators that are always for applications Referral Marketing Platform It is needed and it will make you get the right answer and you will not fail.

  1.  Return On Investment

The first and most important thing to calculate in any program is how much you spent and how much you earned for what you spent. As a slang term, "Do your income and expenses go hand in hand or not?" If you can make more money than you spend, your plan will be successful, otherwise you will be in action. Referral Marketing Platform You have not succeeded.

  • Customers' Desire to Invite Their Friends

You need to know after that your audience with IVR Referral Marketing Platform You get to know, what percentage of them introduce you to their friends. This indicator helps you to know IVR Referral Marketing Platform Are you successful or not?

نحوه اجرای یک رفرال مارکتینگ موفق

  • Invited Friends Conversion Rate

Using this index, you can find out what percentage of friends introduced to your brand and product have become customers. If you find that your customers' rates have risen and demand for your product has increased, you can now invest in your brand and products safely. Or if you have a low conversion rate, you need to know the target audience better, or you need to improve your products or change the way you advertise and a Referral Marketing Platform Start with more attractive offers.

از محصول سامانه ریماتگ دیدن فرمایید(این سامانه در راستای افزایش فروش کالاهای زود مصرف (FMCG) و یا حتی کالاهای متفرقه قابل استفاده می باشد. ویژگی اصلی این سامانه استفاده از ظرفیت بازاریابی های C2C می‌باشد.)

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