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Set up professional IVR text with these 5 simple methods

متن تلفن گویا

Tips to make IVR text more attractive

IVR Textthat you set for your customers is their first point of contact with you. Just as he used to be in charge of accepting the first line of business confrontation, so is the IVR today. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that your IVR is as attractive, exciting, and at the same time as straightforward as possible.

تنظیم متن تلفن گویا

1- Think and plan first

First, you need to think carefully before setting up and running IVR. This system should be such that it does not delay customers too much and does not take time, in which case customers will be angry. On the contrary, you need to set up a system to support angry customers in complete peace of mind and complete satisfaction with the service.

Also it eneeds to put your brand and business goals into customer service. It is very important that your values and goals become clear to your customers…

It would be best if you also did thorough market research to determine the types of customers who want to use your automation.

2. Hire a professional to set up your voice text

It is not always possible for you to find the best possible way to set up IVR text. Therefore, you should hire a professional who can help you with screenwriting, sound, phonetics and linguistics.

تلفن گویای حرفه ای

3- Music and compatibility

Innovative use of soothing music is essential because it calms the mind. Do not use language that is too vague to make it difficult for listeners to understand the message. It would help if you also made sure that the terms you use in the text of the IVR correspond to other communication channels such as your mobile app, your official website, and so on. It ensures that your potential customers are not confused, as this may hurt customer acquisition.

4- Use smart menus in IVR text

It would help if you kept menu options understandable and straightforward, so put the most popular options at the top of your list. For example, you should have a script that says, "Please press 1 for sales questions, 2 for customer service issues, or 3 for technical support." Then if the feedback was the one that attracted the most customer technical support, set this option as option 1 for your IVR script. These changes will make your IVR business more successful and accessible, and most importantly, satisfying, depending on the customer's needs.

5. Provide alternative options

Having alternatives in IVR text is one of the most critical aspects. Having "other" options always attracts more customers while they know they are negotiating with IVR. The nature of this alternative varies depending on the nature of the business and the type of target audience. That is why it is essential to record and review IVR conversations. It is called "Think Side Recording," through which you can listen to the entire interaction between the IVR and your customers. It will help you later review the IVR, change the text of your IVF accordingly, and make it more interesting.

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