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Will Internet Outages In Iran Lead To The Destruction Of Internet-Related Businesses ??

قطعی اینترنت در ایران

Do Internet Businesses Will Internet Outages Lead To Their Destruction?

Internet-affiliated businesses? What a strange phrase! Are Internet-Independent Businesses Still Found? Maybe if we look at a spectrum. Some will be at the bottom of the spectrum but will not be independent of it.

In Aban 1398, for social, political, and perhaps economic reasons, so-called "high gasoline prices" occurred, which led to the complete closure of the international Internet for two weeks. It was a big shock. Many businesses suffered huge losses

- Lack of access to Google and finding sites by users

- Lack of access to the cloud of information and data stored on email and cloud space.

- Inability to search and find answers to questions

- Decommissioning of all sites except the internal domain

- Disable all external messengers

- Reaching zero online store revenue on the site or Instagram

- Closing all online communication channels

- Weakness and ineffectiveness of internal examples of platforms (such as messengers and search engines, etc.)

- And…

People were waiting for the problem to be solved soon, but two weeks is a long time for an Internet-affiliated business to make money.

If in ancient times there was industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, and businesses were paralyzed by water cut-offs, today is the age of communication and information, and by cutting off the Internet, a business will be completely destroyed.

بدون اینترنت

The Question Is, Could Such a Problem Still Occur?

Are you like the people who, when we talk about death, just say do not harm the population and change the subject? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? And you try not to think about it?

But it was better to look for a solution. Just like an earthquake, we are constantly being taught what to do before and after and during it if it happens. Do the same for this unforeseen problem.

Do You Think The Internet will Be Cut Off for Another Two Days for a Month? Or Maybe The Intranet will Be Internal At All?

What are you going to do?

Cloud storage should be made available on space sooner

You must also enable the internal domain of the site

Must have tools like SMS, USSD, IVR And used other alternative telecommunications services

Alternative communication methods should be taught to your customers.

Must have a replacement internal email.

Solutions that help solve this problem in the event of an outbreak should be taught in advance to customers and partners and partners.

Or should the business be completely carefree ?!

What other solutions do you suggest?


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