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Product modules

VoIP platform application modules with Asterisk kernel

(Issable, Elastix, FreeSwitch)

  Module for transferring incoming contact information to the desired address

Businesses with an Asterisk-based call center, as well as software such as CRM or ticketing or in-house automation, need to send their incoming contact information to the software. To. Many of this software use this information and provide new desirable features to the business.

Information such as caller ID, call start and end time, call time, operator, or internal respondent is important information for CRMs or other applications. By providing this module, TelirCo allows businesses to take advantage of this opportunity without any change in the structure of their IVR.

You do not need to make any structural changes to add this feature to your call center structure. You can add this module to your telecommunication infrastructure by calling Telireco and requesting this service without any changes in your call center platform. Communicating with a contact center server Server or servers to which information needs to be sent is the only prerequisite for this service to be provided by the customer.

The cost of adding this module for each call center (entry number) is 25,000,000 Rials for life.

  • Remote control module (transfer of an incoming call to the mobile number and fixed operator outside the organization)

You can use this module at times such as quarantine or to use operators outside your organization or business. Features that make this module special:

  • Set up more than one mobile or landline number to communicate with an operator. If the first number is not answered, the system will call the next number.
  • Play the audio file (wait) before connecting and answering the external operator

The cost of implementing this module for companies and businesses is 20,000,000 Rials.

  • Caller polling module at the end of the call

In many companies that have extensive communication with their users and audiences through telephone calls, it is very important to record and view the opinion of users on the quality level of response of operators and satisfaction with the services of their collection. It is possible in different ways. Through this module, TelirCo provides the possibility for the business call center, without changing the telecommunication structure and its call center. The statistics of these surveys can be sent to another address on the servers of the business owner or can be viewed and output through the web access created by TelirCo.

The cost of installing and implementing this module for businesses, for each call center (incoming call) is 25,000,000 Rials.

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