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What is IVR?

This system is one of the most powerful VoIP software that implements various features with the best user interface on Asterisk with the highest quality and stability. The remarkable point is the uniqueness of the software, the first version of which was designed and produced especially for the value-added systems of mobile and fixed operators. Value-added telephone services, which have been considered by the managers of operators as well as general users in recent years, have led to the formation of express systems, which are currently being implemented in different provinces in the field of fixed telephony. The range of customers of this service and its uses is so much that the need of the operator for a sales management system and customers is obligatory and it is profitable. The existence of this system enhances the possibility of proper service to the applicants of this service effectively.

Some advantages of IVR, IVR system:

  • Quick registration of applicants and following the registration procedure online and via SMS will lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Completing the administrative procedure of each service completely leads to more administrative order in the administrative structure of the operator.
  • Grouping services based on content and reporting revenue by groups provides analysts with insight.
  • Detailed financial reports for each service to settle accounts with service providers, as well as connecting to the operator's charging system to update and calculate the instantaneous charge of subscribers.
  • The possibility of creating different packages based on the number of calls, prices, content, and service numbers increases the power of marketing maneuvers in this field.
  • The professional and simple user interface makes working with the system enjoyable and the strongest reports and settings are available to the administrator and user with the least clicks.


 Features and characteristics of the IVR system IVR Parsip:

The system consists of three user levels:

  • The main manager of the system
  • Subsystem Manager
  • Content provider

In the admin level dashboard page, you can see the statistics of daily and monthly calls as well as the status of hardware resources and

The content provider user can be created from the users' menu both real and legal.

Observed the number of incoming calls.

Through the user list page, you can edit, delete the user, edit the user files, and log in to the user panel.

The administrator can create a service through this page and if the service tree is similar to another service, it will upload the output file of the tree in this form and the service will be created with the tree.

From the service list page, you can search, edit, delete, and exit any service. You can also access the tree editing page of each service from this page.

It is possible to design and edit the tree, manage audio files, rate each node, and manage the permissible numbers to enter each node on this page. Other tree design features include the following:

  • Upload and categorize audio files
  • Create a question and answer scenario
  • Random play audio file
  • Divert (transfer)
  • Receive and register code
  • The inbox of suggestions and incoming messages
  • Sequential playback of audio files
  • Transfer to other system services
  • Module writing in each node (possibility of coding and using custom web services and scenarios)
  • Create a match scenario
  • Define a specific rate for each node separately from the system's base rate
  • Ability to define allowed and unauthorized numbers to enter each node
  • Ability to refer the user from one part of the tree to another node

Other features that can be used in this system are as follows:

  • Add the type of service (services can be divided into different types and in the reporting section, the function of the services can be viewed by type. For example, religious services, counseling, etc.)
  • Creating a service package (service package is used for pricing and cost of services

In the numbers field, the manager must enter the list of permitted numbers to use by service type. It can be done individually and in groups with an Excel file:

In the reports menu, you can see the instantaneous monitoring of incoming calls:

Also, what nodes did each contact refer to when navigating the tree and how long did it stop at each node:

In the reports menu, you can see the types of financial reports and the amount of operation of each service and the amount of revenue of the whole system by day and month.

In the received information menu, you can also access the registered codes, match answers, payments made, and received messages separately for each service.

Content providers can also request the service from the beginning in the panel provided to them, select the number, pay for their package, and design their tree after concluding the contract. Also view their incoming call reports in real-time, intermittent graphs.

Content services ready to be launched nationwide are as follows:

  1. Hafez reading and fortune telling system with a description of fortune-telling and poetry reading with the voice of Master Mousavi Garmaroodi
  2. Quran recitation, teaching and recitation system
  3. Al-Jannan Keys System
  4. Nahj al-Balaghah system
  5. Sahifa Sajjadieh System
  6. My baby system (content for mothers related from the first week of pregnancy to infancy)
  7. Entertainment and competition system
  8. Istikharah system
  9. White cane system (short stories for the enlightened)
  10. Music system (collection of songs and albums played by authorized singers of the country
  11. Praise system (collection of praises and religious poems from famous praisers of the country)

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Programmed with PHP and MySQL database
  • Use the PDO model to change the database to oracle
  • Three VMs are required for installation:


operating system


Asterisk Media Gateway

asteriskNow 10.13

16 core 2.8GHz

100G HDD



8 core 2.8GHz


100G HDD

Service IVR


4 core 2.8GHz



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