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IVR system | IVR | Everything about IVR system and its benefits in business

تلفن گویا | IVR

IVR system What is IVR? 

IVR | Interactive Voice Response It is a recorded message and voice that speaks to you. The answering machine will answer you automatically, and you will be able to communicate with the system using your keyboard. 

Response or IVR Technology is an IVR technology that allows customers of a company or organization to communicate with the company's host system through preset voice menus. This communication is established by DTMF voice when the customer calls and without the need for human intervention. IVR applies to all organizations. The use of IVR by these companies is also profitable because it delivers services to the customers without bothering them. Organizations serve others at no particular cost. 

How does an IVR system help your business? 

Using IVR systems IVR, the customer without the need for special facilities and only with the possession of a telephone line, with IVR Calls and receives the necessary information that has already been provided to them in this system by voice. 

These systems have many advantages; using the IVR system IVR, customer response is faster, and customers can get answers quickly by following the instructions. As a result, customer waiting time is reduced and saved. It Will also reduce the volume of incoming calls and the number of customers waiting in the waiting line, and customer satisfaction with you will increase. IVR system | IVR can substitute the workforce in informing customers, thus saving the company costs. Existence of a IVR System In your company, it makes customers see a better view of your brand, and your company looks more professional. As a result, small and name-seeking companies are advised to use IVR systems to create a professional mental image of themselves. Use IVR. 

کاربرد تلفن گویا | IVR


IVR Application | IVR in Various Businesses 

Finance and Accounting: 

IVR | IVR in finance and accounting will disclose financial information to the caller. By connecting the software to the source of financial and accounting information, the information will be transmitted to the listener by fax or voice message. IVR facilities for finance and accounting include: Communicating with the source of financial information. Announcing financial figures. Announcing discounts. Announcing account balances. Promoting financial transactions and sending accounting information. 


In IVR Retail, IVR acts as a telephone secretary. When the customer calls the centre, the IVR will provide the client with the address, email and other basic information. In other words, it will direct the client to answering IVR in the centre. 

Marketing and sales: 

One way to improve the quality of marketing services is to use an IVR. Using IVR, IVR will provide information to marketers and report to the seller by talking to customers and achieving the desired results. Among the benefits of IVR in marketing and sales are increased productivity, fast feedback from sales and economically viable marketing. 

Other telecommunications businesses: 

Other telecommuting businesses that cannot respond in person must continue to operate from IVR | Use IVR to respond to clients.


Principles of IVR | What is an IVR? 

There are several reasons to use IVR systems. Select the type of IVR system IVR depends primarily on the number of calls and how IVR is used in your business. In this article, we will review the principles that will guide you in choosing an IVR system.  

Customer Service 

Customers who contact a company or organization expect to receive the necessary services as soon as possible. Because IVR systems IVRs can respond quickly and easily to the customer, it can reduce the customer's waiting time and save time by increasing customer satisfaction. It also reduces the cost of hiring people for start-ups. 

Processing And Payment Sets 

Can use Transaction automation and IVR payment kits for financial services. IVR | IVR allows you to view invoices, account balances and payments for customers inside and outside the country. IVR payment services are usually more expensive than regular IVR systems, but the cost is lower than hiring a representative or employee to process payment for many companies. 

IVR Outbound Marketing and Communications 

Extroverted marketing is a term that has recently been used in many cinemas, seminars and even behind the red light. For example, behind a red light, you wait for the light to turn green, displayed on the billboard. A dental office may use an IVR system. Use extroverted IVR to make automated calls to remind customers of upcoming appointments.  

 نحوه خرید تلفن گویا | IVR

How to buy an IVR system | IVR 

Before buying an IVR system IVR, There are some things to keep in mind; the first thing is how to set up this system. There are several ways to set up an IVR, which we will discuss in later articles. 

Choosing The Right Phone Device 

The best phone for your organization and the use of IVRs are virtual phones that can also be installed in a computer system. Before buying an IVR system | IVR Consult with Telerco experts to choose the right telephone device. 

Other features of this phone include its freeness, ease of use and excellent performance. But some people use physical phones; these phones must have the following features: 

  • Good and excellent phone sound quality
  • Programmable keys
  • Proper display
  • The phone has several lines  

IVR Text 

Other point before Buy IVR system | The IVR is a must-have for any Affiliate promoting any program. The speaker to be selected must have a beautiful and attractive tone of voice and be fully acquainted with some of the narration rules. It does not matter if the speaker is a woman or a man, but in many organizations, a woman's voice is used for this purpose. 


IVR Setup Price IVR 

The price and cost of setting up an IVR can also vary depending on the organisations' type of activity. Among the tools needed in this field that affect the price include a computer network, number of headsets, cost of hardware and software required, and...


Reduce Organizational Costs and Increase Productivity with IVR 

Today, since communication is one of all people's essential needs, its costs are also increasing. For this reason, people have been looking for ways to reduce these costs, which the IVR system was designed to meet the needs of employees, customers, managers and. One of the best solutions for managing business expenses and communication is cost management with IVR. It is IVR.  

1. Human Resource Management: 

One of the biggest benefits of an IVR is saving money. If any organization wants to hire specialized personnel to respond to the customer and be accountable to each customer, then it will have to pay a lot of costs, but with the advent of this technology, there is no need for a specialized team and people with Use it in Cost Management with IVR | IVR succeeds. 

2. Launch of IVR For Telecommuting: 

One of the most effective ways to help people financially is telecommuting, which many businesses can do without renting an office using an IVR system. Do and be accountable to the people. In this case, cost management with IVR IVR will be available. 



Why Companies That From IVR System IVR for Customer Communication Are They More Professional in The eyes of Customers?


1. Better Customer Service: 

IVR system IVR for Customer relationship It is very advanced, and people can get information only with the said instructionsCan access information. That is why the centres that are equipped with IVR are professional and advanced in terms of customers. 

2. Unlimited Customer Contact:

One of the most important benefits of an IVR is answering users on holidays and non-business hours. Customers can contact the centre at any time to solve their problems and questions and use this system indefinitely.

3. Establish a Better Relationship with Customers:

IVR system IVR has many features for communication with the customer in this system that are very efficient. Due to these features and establishing a close relationship with the customer, users make the organization that uses IVR professional and advanced. They know. The IVR system allows you to send congratulatory messages to customers at special events.


 تفاوت تلفن گویا | IVR و سانترال

IVR Difference | IVR and central? Which one is better?

  1. The first difference between IVR, IVR and PBX is that today, as you know, some jobs and jobs are done remotely, and people work at home; the IVR system allows employees to communicate with customers at home. But the PBX does not have this function.
  2. When one of the staff wants to move and move his desk to the other side, with an IVR system, this is easily possible and only takes his phone with him, but when the company Central telephone system Equipped, needs to be reinstalled.
  3. Another difference between IVR, IVR, and PBX comes at a cost that IVR is suitable for companies that do not want to pay a lot and hire a specialized team to communicate with the customer, but setting up PBX is expensive. 



Final Topic 

IVR system IVR allows companies to answer phones automatically; you can give the customer the right answers such as email, fax, and the right to choose. This communication channel is mostly used in companies with very high call statistics. In this article, we have tried to provide a brief introduction to the IVR system for those who are interested.




تنظیم متن تلفن گویای حرفه ای با این 5 روش ساده

Set up professional IVR text with these 5 simple methods

متن تلفن گویایی که برای مشتریان خود تعیین کرده اید اولین نقطه تماس آنها با شماست. همانطور که قبلاً مسئول پذیرش خط اول رویارویی با ارباب رجوع در تجارت بود، امروز تلفن گویا نیز چنین است.

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