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International SMS Platform

ارسال SMS بین المللی

One of the other TelirCo Products in the field of telecommunication platforms, International SMS Panel This platform is specially designed for this field of messaging services and by connecting to 3 international hub companies to send SMS, it is possible to send SMS to More than 1800 foreign operators The ability to manage users and managers of this field of messaging services with the extraordinary recognition of the country and the operator of each destination number, in addition to the special management features of SMS services, has made this platform very special for sending international SMS.

Special settings for sending international SMS to destination countries automatically prevent spam messages during authorized hours in the destination country.

It is also possible to define proprietary masks for companies on this platform. So that each company can choose the sender number of its SMS with its own mask.

Messaging companies that intend to provide international SMS service to their customers, can easily provide this service to their customers using the APIs of this platform.

ارسال SMS بین المللی (پیامک به خارج از کشور) می‌تواند با هدف ارسال پیامک تکی برای یک شخص یا ارسال پیامک وب‌سرویس برای اعتبار سنجی پیامکی(مانند ارسال پیامک کد تایید تلگرام) باشد.

زمانی که قصد تایید شماره موبایل کاربران ایرانی برای سایت یا اپ را داشته باشید، استفاده از پنل پیامک با خط خدماتی در ایران می‌تواند جوابگوی نیاز شما باشد اما زمانی نرم افزار شما بین‌المللی است و کاربران شما خارج از کشور هستند برای ارسال SMS بین المللی به خارج از کشور می‌بایست سامانه پیامک قابلیت ارسال SMS بین‌المللی (international)  and an international SMS agreement has been concluded with foreign operators..

We TelirCo قابلیت ارسال پیامک بین‌المللی را در اختیار کاربران‌مان قرار می‌دهیم تا بتوانید با استفاده از سامانه ارسال SMS بین الملل تلیرکو به خارج از کشور پیامک تبلیغاتی و وبسرویس ارسال نمایید.

پیامک بین الملل

Send activation code with international SMS sending system

Are your site contacts from different countries and do you face any problem with SMS authentication when registering in your application or site?

Does the registration number with a mobile number on your site not send SMS to non-Iranian numbers?

We will help you send a text message to all people who enter their number on your site.

in سامانه ارسال SMS بین المللی تلیرکو With international coverage, it is possible to send activation code (OTP) SMS to any country. If the number entered for authentication and registration on your site and application is non-Iranian, you can send your validation message to your non-Iranian customers using the APIs of the International SMS platform.

It should be noted that the tariff for sending international text messages on the site sms2co It is easily and separately available in the countries of the world.

Models of cooperation of international SMS sending system

Businesses that need to use the international SMS sending system exclusively can visit the page Get a free Demo page, Submit their request so that our colleagues can contact them.

Also, if you need to use the international SMS service, you can go to the address intl.sms2co.ir See.

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