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Investigating the plan to protect and definite the Internet in cyberspace

بررسی طرح صیانت و قطعی اینترنت در فضای مجازی

Internet protection plan and outage Today, it has become one of the most challenging topics among people and online businesses, which has also caused many concerns in people's hearts; But are you aware of the details of this plan? In your opinion, what laws will come forward with the approval and implementation of the protection plan? The deputies of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in the form of Article 85, approved this plan, which they have raised with the definite issue of the world internet. According to the obtained statistics, this project is to be implemented in the country on a trial basis; But is there any hope of returning from the experimental mode?

مبحث طرح صیانت و قطعی اینترنت

According to the votes that took place in the open court of the parliament, the deputies approved the plan to block the internet. In general, we can say that this plan was carried out in the meeting with the favourable opinion of 3 representatives, and they handed over this plan to the cultural commission with several reviews. It should be noted that the details. Internet protection plan and outage Includes all Internet sites and cyberspace applications and.. Ali Rabiee, a government spokesman, said in an interview that restrictions and restrictions on the Internet could only lead to an increase in unemployment in connection with Instagram.

When the plan was approved, all startups and cyberspace users protested and believed that the online business protection plan could be destroyed. What do you think about this? What will be the procedure of Iran's Internet in the future with implementing the protection plan? Follow us to get the answer to your question.

مختل شدن اینترنت با طرح صیانت

Will satellite internet cover Iran?

By Coming to work Internet protection plan and outage The issue of satellite internet has also become one of the hot news among Iranians. The MPs' move has sparked a wave of concern among the general public that people are looking for solutions such as satellite internet, migration, etc. Satellite Internet of the same network means small, continuous satellites used for remote and inaccessible places on the Internet. With this internet network, internet access is easy.

According to a technology expert, satellite Internet is a very professional and advanced technology that requires a high cost to implement and can be considered a massive change in communication. This technology is now available in the skies of Iran. It can eliminate issues such as filtering and running virtual applications such as YouTube and Facebook with excellent quality and high speed when it comes to power. Indeed, this issue can be good news for people and users by implementing the protection plan.

طرح صیانت و اینترنت ماهواره ای

CEO of SpaceX with approval Internet protection plan and outage He stated that the Iranian people would be drawn to satellite internet more than before. We all hope that in the future, with the advent of satellite internet and the increasing advancement of technology, issues such as high internet costs, limitations and filtering, will be eliminated; Therefore, one of the ways for people to prevent the decline of business prosperity and the problems that have arisen after the project is the use of satellite Internet, the absence of which will also cause irreparable damage to businesses.

Migration of people with the approval of the plan to protect and definite the Internet

According to studies, it can be said that the most popular searches in Google after the approval of the immigration protection plan, which has increased significantly. Another solution that people are thinking about these days is the flow of immigration. As we all know, today, the Internet is the technology that rules the world, and in fact, its interruption will create wide-ranging challenges in the country. Still, you should know several ways to eliminate this problem, and migration can be the last resort.

سرچ مردم در گوگل پس از تصویب طرح صیانت

The protection plan does not lead to the development of internal services.(1)

Although parts of the plan emphasize support for Iranian platforms and state that the program is in line with their help, the managers of these platforms disagree with this idea.

Asked how it is possible, with restrictions on international platforms, that similar domestic services could be launched by influential domestic collections such as the Wall Collection, Ashkan Mir Armandehi, CEO of the Wall Platform, an online advertising platform, said: "Let me state first that we oppose "We are 100% implementing the protection plan."

Explaining why he opposed the plan, he said: "One of the consequences of this plan is the impaired development and formation of new businesses. A more important issue that is probably less addressed is the distortion of competition between online businesses, and ultimately this plan will pave the way for state monopolies in the markets. "Because of these events, the private sector can no longer operate online, and I think this will be the beginning of the decline of Iran's economy."

Shahram Shahkar, another CEO of Divar, says about the implementation of the plan to protect and help domestic businesses to implement this plan: ‌ "One of the most important harms that digital businesses will see from the implementation of this plan will be the loss of elite and specialized forces due to migration. "In the past, we tried to keep ourselves hopeful, but now the situation is complicated, and we have no excuse to keep the forces that intend to emigrate."

Grave concerns for the future of Iranian technology

The bill was introduced in parliament when all presidential candidates mentioned the ineffectiveness of filtering in their election speeches; however, MPs have re-emphasized filtering in this bill.

Pourya Pirhosseinlou, CEO of Abraravan, says: "Looking at the election debates that have not been going on for a long time, we see that all the presidential candidates are talking about increasing bandwidth and fighting filtering, which shows the awareness of this need. But while hundreds of businesses, large and small, have taken a clear stand against the plan, issuing a statement saying that nearly one million ordinary people have joined the protest campaign, it is surprising that people and businesses have not heard this protest from parliament. Is."

According to him, "Looking at the draft of this plan, we can see what will happen; On the one hand, there is pervasive filtering that will take a much more serious and bitter form, on the other hand, there will be a big obstacle for digital businesses, in a situation where efforts must be made to remove the obstacles to the growth of these businesses and in a transparent manner. "It will be a huge obstacle to the country's technology exports."

Pir Hosseinlou considers this issue to be the most critical damage to the public trust of the people and states: "On the one hand, through the barriers that are created against the digital bio-people and on the other hand, the damage that is done to the credibility of businesses. "In addition, this plan leads to the formation of an extra-legal institution, in which the way decisions are made and where people and businesses are held accountable is completely opaque."

"The product of this plan raises serious concerns for the future of Iranian technology," said Abraravan, CEO.

The Final Conclusion

The topic we discuss today in this article is related to Internet protection plan and outage With the emergence of those theories, protests and wide-ranging challenges have arisen. According to the plan to protect the rights of users Parliamentary Research Center It will not cause any problems in virtual businesses. How true do you think this statement can be? In this section, we have dealt with the necessary issues and possible solutions, by studying which you can learn the plan's details.

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