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How to get USSD service for a company or an individual?

سرویس USSD


In answer to this question, how can USSD service For a company or an individual, it can say that this question arises for people who have a code for this system (USSD platform), Have good information. So we do not need to define the code and explain it. We go straight to the point.


Introduce the features of the USSD system and the method of receiving data, platform and other items needed to receive USSD code And consider setting up a USSD service for a company or individual.


In fact, in answer to the question that Many people ask if they have no technical knowledge about USSD, Can USSD service Were they received for a company or a real person? Managed it and used it as a whole in your business? It should be said: Yes.


 But how? 

Everything about Set Up The USSD Service USSD For Natural And Legal Persons

In this article, we try to provide you with all the information you need to set up a USSD platform service. Managers of many companies and organizations may decide to establish the USSD communication channel and the rest of their communication channels with the audience.

 At this stage, the point to consider is the nature of the USSD platform and the type of services set up on this platform. Special features of the USSD platform include the following:

  1. Content that can be provided can only be in text format.
  2. Only 82 Persian characters can be placed on each page of a USSD session.
  3. It is not possible to send the website link in the USSD session.
  4. Cannot store The contents of USSD sessions.
  5. USSD is used for informational content or additional registration and payment.
  6. USSD can also be used well for survey content due to the possibility of continuous interaction with the customer in one session.
  7. If the USSD platform is connected to web messaging services, by combining it with the SMS service, the main contents can be transferred to the recipient by SMS at the end

The above are the features that managers of companies and organizations or service designers can provide good solutions on the USSD platform. Therefore, assuming that you, as someone who intends to provide content on the USSD platform, according to the above range, we go to the steps of launching this service.

Procurement and Infrastructure USSD

The launch USSD service It is part of the services of mobile operators. In general, 2G mobile services are divided into two types, MT and MO. In MT (Mobile terminate) services  Service from the content provider is (CP).

سرویس USSD

 This means that the CP's communication request, through the platform provided by the mobile operator, is sent to the mobile network and mobile of the operator's subscribers. These types of services include sending SMS via CPs and their web panels. The USSD Push service, which opens the USSD session by requesting CP on a shared phone, is one of these services.

In MO (Mobile Originated) services, the service interaction starts from the shared mobile. Like USSD services, a subscriber enters a session by dialling a USSD code to purchase a charge.

Iranian operators have not yet provided USSD Push service to any of the corporate and business customers. But the possibility of launching a regular USSD service is one of the attractive benefits of mobile operators for large and medium-sized organizations and businesses.

With this in mind, you can understand that at the beginning of designing and launching a USSD service, you should think about getting its infrastructure and a USSD stub. There are two ways to provide USSD infrastructure, which we offer to you under two solutions.

The Solution to Getting Stubborn USSD From Mobile Operators

Mobile operators provide USSD command codes in the country. If any organization and business need to set up a way to communicate with contacts via USSD and launch content and payment services, it should apply to mobile operators (Hamrah Aval, Irancell, and RighTel).

 To do this, you must apply separately to each operator's corporate sales office and inquire about the price of USSD numbers.

Staggering Prices USSD | Which Straights are More Expensive and Which is Cheaper?

The price difference in the operators is based on the USSD code The number of digits you want varies. 2-digit and 3-digit codes are more expensive, and 4-digit and non-random codes are cheaper.

 In the first mobile operator, another factor that affects the price is the number of sessions. The first companion receives a stubborn cost from the customer and then receives the customer's session packages' expense. This fee does not exist in Irancell and RighTel operators (of course, for now!) And Irancell and Rytl receive an annual payment from the customer based on TPS (Transaction per second).

سرویس USSD

Solution for Receiving Subcodes from Companies with Stubs USSD

In this case, you can go to companies that have already provided crocodiles from mobile operators and request a subcode from them. In this case, you should act according to their policy and market and put your content in the company's code management services platform (if any!).

The following is the number code after the second * in the USSD code. For example:

* 500 * xxxx #

This is a 4-digit subcode of the 500 series.

After agreeing with your USSD-enabled operator or company, you should develop a platform to manage the content and services you plan to launch on your USSD code.

Communication Protocols With Operators to Set Up The Service USSD

Assuming that you agree to receive a separate header for the USSD service from the operator of your choice, at this point, the USSD service provider will provide you with two UAP and URL protocols.  Provides.

To communicate with the operators' network, you must comply with their security standards. For example, the first mobile operator provides services only to servers that are in the Afranet data centre and have the Tohid link service (now called). Or Irancell provides services only to servers that are connected to its network through MPLS. After communicating with the operator, it is time to choose the communication protocol.

Currently, the common protocol among operators is a URL, which is both simple and powerful. According to some experts, USSD services with a lot of traffic, for example, more than 500 TPS, should be implemented on the UAP protocol. Of course, the experience and technical opinion of the Telerco technical team do not differentiate between URL and UAP in the ability to implement a lot of traffic. It may be easier to implement the USSD service based on the URL protocol and easier support.

Next, you need a platform to implement your service tree. A forum where you can easily create any number of subcodes on your header, call multiple web services in the body of your tree, connect to your SMS system, and have dozens of possibilities and capabilities required for a beginner to professional services.

This platform is one of Hunam Tejarat Pars Company's main products, which has been offered to many organizational and private customers so far. TelirCo USSD code management platform In its latest experience in the mobile government project, it supported up to 5000 TPS with the best results, has provided all the requirements for content management and services that can be set up on USSD codes for small and large companies, which is important during 4 The year of successful design, development and operation has been achieved in large projects such as the accompanying government and large banking projects.


In this article entitled. "How do we have a USSD platform for our business?" You can learn in detail how to receive USSD.

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