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E-Office (Virtual Office)

Virtual Office


دفترکار مجازی e-office

What is E-Office?

In this service, we provide facilities and telecommunication infrastructure for your office. After purchasing one or more numbers and also selecting any internal number of the operator, you can design the central tree of your office. You can connect any part of the tree to an internal operator. Your operator can be at your office or anywhere else.

the manager The business can monitor the response of operators as well as incoming and outgoing call reports. This service is now implemented in Turkey and customers can buy a number in Turkey and develop their business in this country.

Reduce Business Development Costs

Business Accreditation

Increase the Number of Employees And Expand the Size of the Company

Full Management of Calls and Better Communication with Customers

Increase Employee Productivity

What Kind of Business Is a Virtual Office Suitable For?


Small and Large Startups

All Internet Businesses, Small and Start-up

Freelancers and Telecom Companies


International Companies with Different Branches In Other Countries


E-Office Virtual Office Features

Create File Playback Nodes And IVR Service

Design and Edit the Tree and the Audio Files of Your Central Tree

Create a Conference Room

Receive and Send Faxes

Receive Reports From Incoming Calls and Answer Operators

Possibility of Outgoing Calls by Operators

Customer Scenario  (User Story)

سناریوی مشتری  (User Story)

Pictures Of the Platform E-Office

دفتر مجازی e-office
دفتر مجازی e-office

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