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7 Common Mistakes in Call Center Setup and Its Importance in Customer Orientation in Simple Words

مشتری مداری به زبان ساده

Customer Orientation in Simple Words in the Call center 

Having an organized contact center significantly affects the prosperity of your business, Customer oriention in simple words Having an organized call center and adhering to the basics is achieved.  What are the principles of customer orientation?Things that are done for customer satisfaction. As the name implies, a call center is a vital part of many contacts between an organization and a business. This department manages and manages many incoming customer calls, and in the call center, calls are usually referred to an operator who has free time to answer them. Here are seven common mistakes in setting up a call center. Customer oriention in simple words It will be realized if you do not make these mistakes when setting up the call center. customer orientation, Is one of the key goals of the call center. what is customer orientation? customer orientation is organizational culture that creates the necessary behavior to value customers effectively. Well, now is the time to look at these mistakes.

  1. The high duration of IVR .

It matters how much time the caller spends on the IVR system. One of the most common problems is complex IVR systems. If your IVR system is complex, customers will spend a lot of time behind the phone to navigate to different parts, which is not suitable for your business.

  1. The turnaround time is longer than the customer's expectation.

Customer oriention in simple words That is, the turn time is minimized. Sometimes a customer has to wait a long time for their turn, but you have to do your best to minimize it. To reduce the turnaround time, you can hire new staff or add new options to your autoresponder system. You can put a feature in your call center that customers can contact as soon as possible after entering the queue and waiting for a while and did not reach a conclusion.

کوتاه کردن زمان پاسخ دهی و مشتری مداری به زبان ساده

  1. Low speed of answering the calls

One of the other mistakes of call centeris the low-speed response to incoming calls. Response speed refers to the number of calls that the customer hears before calling the operator. The global standard for call response speed is approximately 28 seconds. So if the phone rings more than this amount, it means that you need more power. Negligence in hiring new staff leads to the loss of customers. One of the principles Customer oriention in simple words is this.

  1. Waiting time is one of the essential principles of customer orientation in simple language.

Sometimes you call the operator, but that person is not able to solve your problem. It is why it refers you to another operator or asks you to do a series of tasks and call again when they are done. The time you spend re-calling or the next operator is called waiting time. Customer oriention in simple wordsis the short waiting time for the customer.

  1. The talk-time should not be too short.

In general, the global standard for each call is approximately four minutes. one of the mistakes in call centers is the operator wants to respond to each call in less than this time. It lowers the quality of customer response and problem-solving and leads to customer loss in the long run. Try to have short and valuable conversations with customers, but not too short of causing their dissatisfaction.

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