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How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency in Iran?

ارز دیجیتال در ایران

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency in Iran?

Nowadays, the discussion of the Cryptocurrency market is very hot, and many traders who have suffered a lot of losses in the Iranian stock market have entered this market. What is Cryptocurrency?. Cryptocurrency in a simple word A special form of money is digitally based on the science of cryptography. In this article, we try to examine the method of buying and selling Cryptocurrency in Iran .

Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency in Iran?

After many discussions on this issue in December 1398, the Central Bank finally recognized the cryptocurrency, and there is no obstacle to buying and selling cryptocurrency in Iran. Of course, there is still a specific rule for other digital currencies. Tron Cryptocurrency or Ripple Cryptocurrehncy do not have any rules yet. May be it will be happend in future. Many of the current rules are for Bitcoin Cryptocurrency .

Methods for trading Cryptocurrencies in a simple word

ارز دیجیتال به زبان ساده

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency from online exchanges

Well, this method is almost the most important and widely used in Iran. There are now many online exchanges from which you can buy digital currency. One of the most popular and secure online exchanges is Binance. Of course, to connect to this Chinese exchange and buy and sell in it, you must join with a filter breaker and a dedicated IP. As this method has its difficulties, many Iranian traders are buying and selling digital currency in domestic exchange offices. For example, Crypto Land is one of the ancient Iranian exchange offices to buy and sell. This exchange has strict rules for user authentication. One is a safe Iranian exchange, and the other is Valid, which has its program. It is better to buy and sell from reputable exchange offices. Nobitex, Elixir, and Excoino are other valid Iranian exchange offices that you can refer to buy and sell digital currency. Do not forget that Cheap and futuristic digital currency Some buyers start buying and selling from unreliable exchanges without any care or knowledge, which may waste their capital. Digital currency is simply a very profitable investment, but you must be very careful when choosing an exchange.

direct trading

Some cryptocurrency sites provide users' contact information in simple language, and this is done in a space outside the website and directly buys and sells. There are many Telegram and WhatsApp groups that do the same thing, but we do not recommend it because there is a possibility of fraud. A limited number of people in Iran have miner devices and extract digital currency in simple language. If you buy from this group of people, you do not have to pay any other commission. In general, the methods of buying and selling digital currency in simple language are two categories: first, buying from online exchanges, which is currently the safest method, and second, buying in person, which is not for beginners, and certainly before buying and Or sales you have to do a lot of research.

ارز دیجیتال چیست

Which cryptocurrency is better to buy?

In general, buying cryptocurrencies that are in the top ten is always very profitable. Still, such a view is not entirely accurate, and we have often seen that currencies that were once unknown are now known as the safest and most profitable currencies. Be sure to research any cryptocurrency before buying and selling it.

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