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Call Center (Call Center)


Introducing Parsip

Call Center System, Call Center (Parsip), Parsip (Parsip Call Center Platform) is a system designed to manage incoming and outgoing calls. In Parsip, you can easily and with the least technical knowledge of the tree design your incoming business calls and use the facilities of internal management and operators and dozens of other possibilities. Parsip integration by phone payment doubles the power of your business and increases your customer satisfaction.

  Why Parsip? | Call Center (Call Center) TelirCo

View detailed reports

  • View detailed reports of incoming and outgoing calls
  • View a detailed report of the customer satisfaction survey
  •  View a detailed report of the number of payments made

Possibility of designing trees

  • Design complex trees and scenarios for incoming calls

Separate user panel

Optimal use of hardware resources to manage the telecommunications platform of businesses

Parsip integration with CRM

Use the full features of a CRM within the Parsip Call Center platform

Easy ticket management

  • Create tickets for each call and referral between operators
  • Ability to define the audience with different categories in each ticket

Optimal use of hardware resources

Optimal use of hardware resources to manage the telecommunications platform of businesses

Connect to TelnPay service

Connect to the service TELEPOS Company to receive more accurate payment reports

Some features of Parsip IVR system Call Center (Call Center) TelirCo

- Ability to upload individual and group audio files by the user for use in the tree of each service

- Ability to move tree nodes as Drag & Drop

- Ability to design a tree with the following types of nodes:

  •   Play Message: In this type of node, the audience can play the file or audio files individually and consecutively.
  • call Conference: In this possibility, the system administrator can invite a person to the conference by creating a conference room. People enter the conference by calling the company number and entering the conference extension and room password.
  • phone payment: In this possibility, from Parsip Call Center, you can create an extension to receive money from your customers. Or your operators direct the contact to the payment node with a certain amount during the conversation and telephone sales. This is a uniquely attractive feature of the call center version of Parsip and plays an important role in the prosperity of businesses.
  • Transfer: Transferring calls to external numbers of the company (landline or mobile phone) is another possibility of Call Center Parsip. Also, the system administrator can view the cost of his internal and external transfers in a separate report.
  • question and answer: The possibility of registering a request and providing a tracking code to the contact, registering a response to each request, receiving a tracking code from the contact, and replying to the response, is the scenario of this type of node that can be easily implemented in Parsip Call Center with a few clicks.
  • Received And code registration: Numerical information is received from the recipient, including the national code, tracking code, or any other type of numerical data through this node. This data can be used in the web service node after receiving it.
  • Play Accidental: Play a file from a group of files randomly. The use of this feature is of the node type.
  • module: The use of specific functions in this node to implement complex scenarios has greatly simplified the ability to create complex trees in Parsip Call Center.
  • Divert To the operator: This type of node is the interior of the operators, which is used in tree design whenever the user needs to talk to the operator or a group of operators.

- Ability to refer from one node to any other tree node

- Ability to play the required audio file of a node

- Ability to view the recorded messages of the Q&A nodes and be answered by the user

- Ability to view the list of payments made in the system related to tree payment nodes

- Add multiple numbers to the system

- Internal definition of operators

- Transfer of defined internals to mobile and fixed numbers (inside and outside the network)

- Record conversations

- Telephone payment (TELEPOS)

- Send SMS to contacts

Voicemail box

- Call web service or API from other service providers

- Call Conference

- Table introducing Parsip versions and comparing them with each other

Price |     Golden version: 5 million Tomans | Silver version: 3 million Tomans


List of features and requirements of customers

Minimum computer system required:
CPU i3 or i5
A typical 500GB or 256G SSD computer hard drive
A hap lite microdevice
IP phone device to the number of extensions
Or if you want to use softphone software with a headset.


Parsip customers

Images of the Parsip platform

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