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How Do Call Center Employees Turn Angry Customers Into Happy Customers?

کامندان مرکز تماس

برخورد با مشتریان عصبانی هرگز برای Call center staff It will not be pleasant. There are several easy steps to turning angry customers into happy customers. The first step is to understand why the customer is angry with the call center staff. Call center staff To this end, he must be trained in anger management and human psychology. While it is natural for customers to express their anger, that کارمندان Call Centre or Having a good understanding of the reasons for the customer's anger is crucial.

The Best Ways to Turn Angry Customers Into Happy Customers

Note that only 6% of customers never express their complaints and anger. Customers are generally divided into 2 groups. 

1- مشتریانی که هنگام تماس تلفنی از سمت کارمندان مرکز تماس عصبانی می­شوند که غالبا به دلیل خدمات ضعیف، ارتباط ضعیف و در نهایت به دلیل ناامیدی این اتفاق می‌افتد. 

2. Most customers are already angry when making a call. In general, something unexpected may have happened to them that has caused them dissatisfaction. 

But how do we turn them into happy customers? 

  • The first and most important step is training Call center staff Angry for how you respond to people. Only then can employees take control and create an ideal situation for themselves.
  • Listen well, you can usually simply listen to the customer's dissatisfaction and anger in the first moments of the call before taking matters into their own hands. Sometimes a customer will express their dissatisfaction and allow you to solve the problem without further anger.
  • To clarify events, ask "what" questions and try to understand why the customer is angry. First of all, you need to identify the problem so that you can find a suitable way to solve it.
  • Find out exactly what an angry customer is looking for: reassurance? Apologize? Compensation?
  • Provide whatever the customer wants or offer the right solution to their needs.
  • Finally the key to success Call center staff It is to be calm. Listen patiently and respectfully to nervous customers and express your respect and empathy to them, and then make your point of view and say what you can do for them. Never talk about things you can't do.

Provide a possible solution and ask the customer if he is satisfied with that solution or not? If you can, joke before the end of the call and put a smile on the customer's face. If you follow the above points correctly, you will be successful in your way.

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