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4 Applications of IVR in various businesses and the benefits of IVR (with example)

کاربرد تلفن گویا در کسب و کارها

Services and The use of IVR in businessThere are many different and it can be boldly said that one of the most important and necessary pillars of communication with the client.

The use of IVR in various businesses

The meaning of IVR Or system IVR The answering machine is recorded with voice, which provides options for answering the caller. Usually, the first contact between the caller and the organization on the IVR is connected to the call center. As we said The use of IVR in businessesDifferent, not the same. Almost all business jobs require IVR. For example in

  • Use of IVR in businesses:

    Finance and Accounting:

In finance and accounting, IVR will disclose financial information to the caller. By connecting the software to the source of financial and accounting information, the information will be transmitted to the listener by fax or voice message. IVR facilities for finance and accounting include communicating with the source of financial information, announcing financial figures, announcing discounts, announcing account balances, announcing financial transactions, and sending accounting information.

  • Retail:

In IVR retail, the role of telephone secretary is that when the customer calls the center, the IVR will provide the address, email and other basic information to the customer, in other words, the customer will be directed to the answering IVR in the center.

  • Marketing and sales:

Use one way to improve the quality of marketing services IVR Is. Using IVR, the information will be provided to marketers and will report to the seller by talking to customers and achieving the desired results. Among the benefits of IVR in marketing and sales are increased productivity, fast feedback from sales, and economically viable marketing.

  •  Other telecommunications businesses:

And other remote businesses that are not able to respond in person must continue to operate IVR Use to respond to clients.

The Benefits of Using an IVR

                                        کاربرد تلفن گویا در کسب و کارهای مختلف

From The use of IVR in businessWe talked to you differently but The Benefits of Using an IVR What is?

Here are the main benefits IVR We have mentioned it.

1. Smart routing:

CRM technology in IVR causes routing of calls and the call will be routed automatically. Smart routing shortens the queue and provides a call to the client.

2. Support and call recovery:

IVR provides services and answers to customers and in cases where the number of clients is high, the call center will support IVR, and simple tasks such as customer questions, payment date, and order status will be answered automatically.

3- Customer satisfaction:

Responding to customers, reducing call termination and enriching calls will all lead to customer satisfaction.

4- Performance improvement:

IVR will prevent duplicate questions, verify the present time and more meaningful work of brokers, and thus improve efficiency.

So it must be concluded that The use of IVR in businesses Multiple, very numerous, and each center using IVR It will make brokers interact with customers and prevent customers from being disappointed. Other benefits that an IVR has for a center are the following.

  • Simple operation automation
  • Overcoming overhead costs
  • Helping clients and brokers
  • Prioritize calls

مثال IVR تلفن گویا
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