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Mobile Platforms Company The First Persian Blog Post of TelirCo

پلتفرم موبایلی

The First Persian Blog Post of TelirCo With The Spice of Its Organizational Culture

This is the first post on Persian TelirCo Blog Is. TelirCo is a provider of mobile platforms.

Getting started is always hard work, starting a blog is just like any other start. Especially since you still do not know what the best tone for this content is.

To start from TelirCo I'm starting. From the knowledge that I am a member of Team TelirCo During this time, I got cooperation from this company. From my experiences. From the feeling I have of being in this team. From mission and values And …


تیم تلیرکو

Why did I choose this topic? Maybe it's because I like my first post as a member of Team TelirCo, As a souvenir for myself and the company. I do not know how long I will be here, but I love every moment of working with this small but powerful and different team.

Many Things Can Be Learned In TelirCo.

That you do not have to work very hard from idea to action to turn an idea into reality. The age is the age of speed, and if the ideas are good and the team says they are good, do not waste a second. Be stylish in writing the idea and letting them know what they need to know. Be careful, but do not spend too much time on the glamor of Photoshop and new designs. If in doubt, Elementary deck screw Check out the world's major businesses and startups.

At TelirCo you can learn how destructive and wrong it is to judge. Conventional judgments that are very common in the world and especially in our own country and easily question the principle of trust.

Perhaps if it were not for this culture in TelirCo, he would never have hired a mother with two children under the age of five (ie myself), and if he had, instead of understanding the circumstances and using the potential of that employee, he would have been looking for an excuse every day to prove great pain. It is up to you to raise your children. "You have to act within the dry framework of the law, otherwise you have zero performance." This means turning a blind eye to all the efforts an employee makes to prove himself with these qualities, and such a person can certainly be more productive than someone who works in a public or even private office.is overtime; But spare no output, Is compared and the result of this comparison will be in favor of that employee without output!

I said this to say that there is no culture of judging in Telireco and the principle of cooperation is based on honesty and trust. A trust that is so valuable that no one ever even thinks of abusing it. What I Ex-Employee Alibaba Company I became very depressed because of the pressure of work on my mother, and no one ever asked how. But now the value of companies like TelirCo I know well.

At TelirCo you learn not to be afraid to learn. Accept what you have always feared. It does not matter what you do not know. The important thing is that you like to do it. So you will learn.

At TelirCo you learn that not only every day but every second is an opportunity for progress and should not be missed. The upward trend of progress and development in Telirko is quite tangible.

In TelirCo you learn to increase the power of tolerance for ambiguity. It may take months or even years of effort for a project to come to fruition. Maybe you got close to that gold mine and just a few more strokes are enough to get what you were waiting for. But the ambiguity is difficult to bear. TelirCo teaches you this great and valuable power

A different view of the world, of business, which is associated with an important flavor called "humanity". It is commendable in TelirCo.

The place of such companiesIt is empty in our country. I wish success to TelirCo and companies like it. I hope that the results of the efforts of this young, professional and valuable team will bear fruit, as always, so that with its growth, good organizational cultures will also grow.


I am very happy to be a member of TelirCo. I hope you enjoy the moments of your life in such companies and that the progress of the company will lead to your progress.


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