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What is call center quality control? How to use it to increase employee loyalty?

کنترل کیفیت مرکز تماس

 Call center quality control به این معناست که Call center staff و یا کسانی که در آن مشغول به فعالیت هستند، اطمینان پیدا کنند نتایجی که به دست می آورند با دستاورد آنها مطابقت دارد.

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In general, any call center that provides services to the customer, must for that Call center quality control Upgrade yourself, must have close monitoring of call center performance.

 What Is The Purpose Of Call Center Quality Control?

 The purpose of Call center quality control این است که مسائل مشترک مشتری ها شناسایی شود، تجربه مشتری ها بهبود پیدا کند و هم چنین استانداردهایی برای ارتباط با مشتری نیز ارتقا پیدا کند. این که شما به کنترل کیفیت توجه بسیار زیادی می کنید، باعث می شود تا بتوانید در طول مدت زمان تعیین شده سطح رضایت مشتریان مرکز تماس خود را شناسایی کنید.

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You can also allow your customers to have a very high level of satisfaction with your call center. Here are some tips on upgrading and Call center quality control We offer you that you can use these tips to improve the quality of your call center.

 Tips For Improving Call Center Quality Control:

 Determine And Identify The Target:

Before you quality Standard call center Upgrade, you have to pay attention to what you want to achieve. One of the most important things that can be done to improve or enhance a call center is for experts to know what the call center expects.

 When you aim for yourself Quality Control Standard call center You specify what experts know what to focus on. If the goal is set in the call center or call center, the experts of that center even know which of their skills they need to improve to be able to contribute to the quality of the call center.

 Use The Right Software:

The call center or call center uses a lot of software that you must be very careful in choosing them. The right software that can have a huge impact on Quality Control Call Centre or It must have features such as availability, scalability, security, and cost.

 When choosing software for your call center, be sure to consider whether the software meets your expectations.

  Script Selection:

The script is the main component in the call center. By choosing the script you do, you can let your experts know that you have set standards for the quality of call center services.

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 Your call center works for outgoing and incoming calls, so the script you choose should be strong and good and able to perform technical monitoring. You should be able to Center quality control Contact Improve your scripts. You can modify or update your scripts over time.

 Consider The Criteria:

Considering the criteria means that you can create a score card between good and excellent, and in this way, you can tell the experts of your call center that determining the criteria is important for you.

Besides, you have to control the quality of the call center. Monitoring and quality control of services is also one of the key indicators of the call center. You can focus on the things that matter to you by using the criteria you choose in the call center.

Have Positive And Regular Feedback:

When monitoring in your call center, it is best to show positive as well as regular feedback when you see positive results. When experts see positive and regular feedback from you, they realize that improving the work as well as the desired results are valuable to you, and you respect their improvement.

Consider Rewards:

When You Go Call center quality control You have to reward yourself for great work. Experts can greatly contribute to the quality of the call center, so those experts who have had a huge impact on call center control should be rewarded.

 One of the great benefits of rewarding is that it makes your experts work more motivated and also improves their performance.

The Impact Of Call Quality Control On Customers:

  It is good to know the call centers or call centres that are to improve and Call center quality control They try, they can achieve very good results at the end of this process.

 Eighty-two percent of customers who had a very bad experience with the call center disconnected from the call center after they had the experience, but 91 percent of customers if they noticed an improvement in call center quality after a call. If they make good contact with the center, they will remain loyal to that center.

تاثیر کنترل کیفیت تماس بر روی مشتریان

 پس می توان گفت کیفیت مرکز تماس تاثیر بسیار زیادی بر روی حفظ و وفاداری مشتریان دارد. طبیعی است که هر مشتری به دنبال مرکز تماس  یا کال سنتری می گردد که بتواند نیازهای او را تامین کند و همچنین دارای کیفیت بسیار بالایی باشد.

 So if you can Call center quality control Do it yourself and also upgrade it, no doubt your customers will be more loyal to your call center, and also, there is a possibility that the number of your customers will increase.

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