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What is the difference between IVR and central? which one is better?

 IVR IVR And Central

For every company and organization, it is necessary to IVR And have a familiar exchange, so that they can communicate with their customers easily and quickly. In the past, due to the lack of such systems, people communicated with users by phone and with the help of human resources, who had to pay a lot of money. But today, with the advancement of technology and intelligent communications, people no longer need expert manpower and can control all incoming calls simultaneously with IVR and central. Join us to get in touch with Difference IVR IVR And Central Let's talk.

تفاوت تلفن گویا lVR و سانترال

IVR Differences IVR And central? which one is better?

  1. the first IVR Differences IVR And Central The fact is that today, as you know, some jobs and jobs are done remotely and people work at home, the IVR system allows employees to communicate with customers at home, but the system central does not have this function.
  1. When one of the staff wants to move and move his desk to the other side, with an IVR system, this is easily possible and only takes his phone with him, but when the company is equipped with a central system. , Needs to be reinstalled.
  1. One of the other IVR Differences IVR And Central The cost is that IVR is suitable for companies that do not want to pay a lot and hire a specialized team to communicate with the customer, but setting up a central requires a high cost.


Now, considering all these statements and the differences between the IVR and the central, we realized that the IVR is superior to the central and has many advantages over the central, which include the following:

  • Ability to communicate through conferences
  • Increase the quality of customer service
  • Record conversations

last word

We discuss in this article IVR Differences IVR And Central We talked, as it was said, IVR It has many advantages over central installation and is easier to work with. Organizations equipped with IVR, Can manage and control multiple calls at the same time and save money, but the central system does not have these features.

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