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TelirCo Products & Services


TELEPOS A secure and fast payment gateway for your customers that reduces the risk of canceling online and offline purchases to zero.

Call Center

Call Center, or Advanced Call Center, offers services beyond answering phones. Get more familar with special services of this product.


TelirCo USSD, a simple platform, on which you can implement your business process in the shortest time. 


VMS, a group voice call system that can deliver your message to your audience in the shortest possible time.


Supply Chain Completing System for Rematag Referral Marketing With this one-on-one system, you can quickly turn your customers into salespeople.



SMS panel, with the help of this system, you can easily deliver your message to your target market.

About Us

About Company

Honam Tejarat Pars Company is known by the brand name Telirco. Telirco's main products are telecommunication software based on voice, SMS, and USSD technologies. VMS, IVR,Call Center, etc.

Typically, the widespread and systematic use of communication infrastructure is complex and requires technical knowledge and extensive negotiations with telecom operators.

With the establishment of this connection and the development of integrated platforms in the field of audio (VMS, IVR, Call Center,USSDas well as connecting to operators, it plays the role of facilitating the receipt of telecommunication services for businesses.

Ability to integrate TelirCo products for business management

Due to the high technical knowledge of the expert team, TelirCo products have the possibility to provide unique services to businesses by customizing a combination of products in an integrated way.

Our Products

 Features Of TelirCo Products

Each of TelirCo products has features that these five features are common features of TelirCo products.

High Security

No need for technical knowledge

7/24 Support

Integration Ability




Returning to letter No. 4 dated 24/4/98, while wishing the increasing success of this center, expresses its full satisfaction with the services of that company in order to set up and develop SMS servers and command code (USSD) in the institution.

Presidential Administration of Islamic Republic of Iran

Fanap plus Company, while appreciating and thanking the efforts of that esteemed company to install and launch the code management software, has expressed its complete satisfaction and also thanks the good and timely performance of the colleagues of Hoonam Tejarat Pars Company during the support period.

Fanap Plus Company

Return to letter No. 11713 stating the quality of work and compliance with the schedule in the contract for the implementation and operation of the e-government services portal based on the second generation of mobile phones, this certifies all the actions in the description of contract services efficiently and in accordance with the announced schedule. It has been done by the employer.

Ministry of I.C.T

Thanks for your good support. We appreciate for all you did to run the USSD platform in our MNO.


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